The Underlying Debacle of Modern Feminism

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

The initial concept of feminism was created to make room creating a world where the value of a human being is not tied down to his/her sexuality.

Feminists in the past become heroines. They were willing to stand up and stay insistent on having their rights recognized to end the oppression that they faced day in and day out.

The most significant win feminism has brought into our world is that women have the right to dream big. Fast-forward to today, women and men compete for the same job opportunities and women continue to elevate academically and in the corporate world.

However, the difference between the feminism practiced today and that which was practiced in the past is that there is a lot of diluted information that causes many women to practice misogyny while hiding under the umbrella of feminism.

I want to make it clear that misogyny is the underlying poison in modern feminism and is causing many women to perpetuate moral decay and that is NOT feminism! 

The New Feminism emphasizes the importance of the “women’s point of view,” the Old Feminism believes in the primary importance of the human being.


The shift in underlying beliefs under feminism isn’t something to overlook or ignore. It is remarkable and has serious consequences on how life will play out.

You and I live in a day and age, when many women, and some men, feel that it is about time a revolution comes up. Many strongly hold that patriarchy has trampled on the rights of women for way too long. Of course, some still believe that not all patriarchal practices were oppressive.

Every day the public is witness to feminist outrage at how badly women are treated: in the workplace, in the courts, on dates, in marriages, in the schools—by men mostly, but sometimes by other women. Much of what is reported is true, and some of it is very disturbing.

– Christina Hoff-Sommers in Who Stole Feminism: How Women have Betrayed Women

Today, we hear of such concepts as “women empowerment” movements. What those truly mean differ from people to people. Nevertheless, in one way or the other, people, some of course, are revolting against the perceived injustices that are against women in our societies.

The mandate of these movements differ from place to place. For some people, the mandate is to overthrow the tyranny of patriarchy, while for some the issue is the equal representation of women in decision-making positions.

To be honest, these diverse understandings of this movement pose problems for the future of our society. First, it is not entirely true that patriarchy is an evil to be dealt with. Some people have abused women, yes, but what of those who have protected our nations, women and children in particular?

Secondly, overthrowing patriarchy will result in women retaliating and inflicting revenge on the supposed patriarchal tyrants- men. Eventually, men will revolt and such will be the ruin of our society.

There’s no denying it, some practices have often preferred men over women. Those issues should be dealt with jointly with men. Many of these movement’s efforts leave out men. This explains why their many efforts face resistance from men.

Many things are disturbing about feminism in my opinion. First, feminism hates women. As one of their solutions to perceived injustices against women, feminism forces women to be men.

That is, it says women should do all that men can do to show that they are equally competent. Women should, for instance, join armed forces and go down the mines. In these pursuits, women have lost their femininity and the beauty that goes with it.

Have you ever heard the phrase “My body my rights?” Yep, that comes with feminism. Women today can abort pregnancies whenever they deem that is to their supposed good.

However, that does not address promiscuity. Let alone the fact that, such solutions put these very women’s health at risk. Many will live with unbearable consequences such as childlessness or may even die due to abortions, yet the proponents of these movements do not make these horrors public.

According to Bob Lewis in Feminist Lie: It was never about equality under the title “Feminism harms women”,

Two of the primary enemies of feminism are the institution of marriage and family values. By all objective measurements, feminists have succeeded in defeating both… When feminists started attacking marriage they knew they needed a carrot to entice women away from their comfortable and healthy family lives.

Their solution was to promote the instant gratification related benefits of being promiscuous. However, historically, being promiscuous was not without major consequences, namely pregnancy. In order to mitigate promiscuity’s impact on women, feminists rallied behind both birth control and abortion.

Simply put, feminists enticed women to have as much sex as they could with the promise to avoid the natural consequences through a combination of birth control and abortion. Once their plan was contrived, they reframed being a slut as a gendered issue and the sexual liberation movement was born.

However, being short-sighted, feminists never considered the long-term societal consequences of destroying the institution of marriage and family values through promiscuity. Rampant promiscuity had a major impact on communities by increasing the need for a welfare state and was a major contributor to communities racked by epidemic crime and uncontrollable drug addiction. On the home front, the “sexual liberation” movement destroyed not just marriages…but entire families.

Christina Hoff-Sommers further noted that,

Of course, the abuse or slighting of women must be made known and should arouse indignation… But most of those who publicly bemoan the plight of women in America are moved by more dubious passions and interests. Theirs is a feminism of resentment that rationalizes and fosters a wholesale rancor in women that has little to do with moral indignation. Resentment may begin in and include indignation, but it is by far the more abiding passion.

In conclusion, in their efforts to get public sympathy, many prominent proponents of Feminism fabricate atrocities supposedly done against women and present men as tyrants to be overthrown.

For example, when a man rapes or even attempted to rape a woman, these people will call women to arms against men who in this case will be collectively viewed as rapists or rapist-ready-to-be-unleashed. The two overarching ideologies come to mind: gynocentrism and Misandry.

In my opinion, having women in power isn’t the true goal of the feminists, or at least the one we see on the media. Their goal is feminizing of society where women can repay damage done against them by patriarchy. If this goes unchecked, it will drive our world into oblivion.  Then again, this brings a room to deliberate further, doesn’t it?


Grace is an uprising youth activist who uses her voice to inspire and inform. She has worked internationally as the Deputy Secretary General with Model UN Impact. This is where she advocated for youth inclusivity in the implementation of the SDGs and further launched projects such as PHAHAMA MOSALI. She is currently the youngest SDGs Ambassador for the internationally renowned Global Citizens Innovative Solutions SDGs Challenge.