The Secret behind Motlatsi Nteko’s Aesthetic Art

Motlatsi Nteko

In the small town of Ha-Thetsane in Maseru, Lesotho, a lad continues to shock people with his astounding creativity. Even though we would love to put him on a pedestal to sing many praises, his humility and modesty are the core of his talent hence he gently excuses himself from the spotlight.

He is a rising 26 year old Designer, Artist and Entrepreneur. It is undeniable that his art sets him apart from the two million people living in Lesotho. The big question is, Who Is This Man?

Motlatsi Nteko is a passionate artist who has loved art since his childhood. What at first seemed like a hobby slowly became a rehabilitation zone for him and it would be an understatement to say he is just talented. He constantly proves himself a contender in this space because he improves with each sketch.

He mostly uses paint and pencil to put down his phenomenal ideas. It goings without saying that what this young man does with just these two materials can only be defined as utter ethereal beauty, or as laymen would say; magic!

There is a lot of sentimentality attached to this man’s relationship with art. In his exact words, he reports, “Lately, art has become my own meditative corner because it helps me clear my mind off things. As a matter of fact, it’s a corner where I reignite my energies.”

Motlatsi revers what happens whenever he gets started on an art piece because that is when he is mostly in touch with himself. He often leaps away from the mess in this world by allowing himself to be fully immersed in his craft because that is his source of joy.

In fact, his identity is shaped by the intense love he has for his craft. It is impossible to define him without calling him a certified citizen in the world of paint and brushes. After all, he is a rising mogul!

Motlatsi currently owns an enterprise called Xysthus Arts whose slogan is “Impacting Lives Through Artistic Perspectives.” This is where he remotely sells all materials he customizes. From caps, to T-Shirts to even Shoes, this man can recreate your most ordinary possessions into remarkable pieces.

He adds shapes, words as well as actual drawings to any material he is presented with. Besides, his sketches almost seem too real to be called just drawings. He has made a portrait of musician Malome Vector and many other people.

Motlatsi’s biggest dream is to own an art gallery through-which his art will be known worldwide. He wants to use his art to touch the lives of people by interpreting their feelings through sketches and paint. Also, he is earnestly hoping that he will get an opportunity to be featured in Lesotho’s newly built museum to draw historical artworks.

Motlatsi challenges us all to look at our world through the colorful lens of art. In his opinion, that would make our world much better because colors stimulate our minds positively.

So the next time you are looking for someone to customize your clothes or shoes or even to draw a portrait, Motlatsi Nteko is your man. After all, his secret is simple; “LOVE YOUR ART”, he says.

To get your own, contact him through Facebook or Instagram through the Xysthus Arts platform.