The Lesotho National Development Corporation Secures Deals For Up To 4,500 In New Permanent Jobs

In our quest to achieve the National Strategic Development Plan target of creating additional 10000 jobs per annum, LNDC continues to drive its economic diversification programs to encourage expansion of existing investments and attraction of new investors, especially in manufacturing and agro-industries.
Through its investment promotion activities, the Corporation has managed to secure additional investment and thus create pipeline of new employment opportunities in the past few months. As such, the Corporation is happy to announce that the following expansions and new investments in the textile and garment industry, and electrical component manufacturing that are set to create up to 4500 permanent jobs for Basotho by the end of this financial year.:
1. Nien Hsien group of companies intends to employ about 2,000 workers in its new establishment named Glory International,
2. Crabtree – an electrical component assembly firm intends to employ 400 permanent workers through their expansion.
3. Jonsson Workwear intends to employ 500 workers with its news expansion at the Ha Nyenye Industrial complex.
4. MB workwear is a new investor and intends to employ 1000 permanent workers at the Ha Nyenye Industrial Complex
5. Vishan Manufacturing is a new investor and intends to 600 permanent workers at the Maputsoe Industrial estate
Lesotho National Development Corporation will be making further announcements, especially in the agro-industries, regarding new developments as the Corporation embarks on implementing its new 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. The Corporation urges all key stakeholders to redouble efforts to cultivate conducive investment climate, and position Lesotho as premier sourcing destination.