The Lesotho Institute of Accountants (LIA) hosted the 10th Annual Conference under the theme, “ACCELERATING PUBLIC SECTOR PERFORMANCE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.” The Conference was held from 23rd -25th October 2019. The conference is LIA’s flagship event.

In the past LIA has hosted conferences with different themes which have brought together academics, professionals, regulatory authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other credible stakeholders involved in various aspects of the work place. The 10th LIA conference was no exception.

The conference shared with the participants the experience, knowledge and new solutions that will enable organisations and government to improve on their performance.

Under this year’s theme, key thematic sessions have been identified as Strong Institutions underpinning Public Sector Performance, Integrated Thinking as a tool for managing resources, Public Sector Reporting Framework & Performance Measurement, Professionalization Initiative and Corporate Governance.