The Launch of the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife Maseru, Lesotho

Photo by Francisco Venâncio on Unsplash

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the nursing institutions and associations in the country, has launched the 2020 International year of the Nurse and Midwife. The event was held at the Ministry of Health Headquarters in Maseru on 21st February 2020 graced by the Minister of Health Mr. Nkaku Kabi. 

Speaking this event, Mr. Nkaku Kabi acknowledged that there are so many challenges that the nurses and midwives in their daily work are confronted with. He appealed to the nursing associations and nurses to always be ready to discuss issues with him and not to wait until issues have escalated out of control. He assured the nurses that the senior management of the Ministry of Health is working hard to ensure a conducive working environment for all health workers in Lesotho

In his remarks, Dr. Richard Banda, WHO Representative, thanked the Government of Lesotho for aligning with the World Health Assembly’s declaration to recognize 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

Dr Banda called upon all stakeholders, Government, Civil Society, Partners and Communities, to utilize this opportunity throughout the year to recognize nurses’ passionate commitment to patient-centered and family-centered healthcare in the country. He said that all should acknowledge and address the challenging conditions nurses and midwives face while providing vital health care services.

The Patron of nurses and midwives in Lesotho, Princess ‘Mabereng Seeiso used the opportunity to thank all the nurses and midwives as they continue to showcase their diverse talents and expertise, while at the same time promoting nursing and midwifery as a possible career with wonderful opportunities.

She indicated that for Lesotho “the designation of the year 2020 as the year of nurses and midwives is very significant, with the reality of a health care system that is actually Nurse led.” She acknowledged the nurses and midwives are “the heartbeat of our healthcare system”.

“It is a great honour and privilege for me – as the Patron of the nurses and the midwives in Lesotho, to now declare the 2020 International Year of the Nurse and midwife officially launched.” She concluded.