The Journey and Beyond: Our Story

You may have noticed the extra oomph we’re putting into curating content these days. These will only improve with each passing month. It’s a new era at Selibeng and we hope you’ll agree that our goal of reinventing the platform into something greater is slowly taking place before your very eyes.
One of the most notable changes we have made is the complete overhaul of the website design. We have always kept our design very simple. Simple to navigate and categorize all the content. With that came many downtimes, which we duly apologize for. Recent burst in traffic has lead us into acquiring a dedicated server, not to dive into the messy details, but we are always at work to ensure we deliver the best service for you.
For sustainability of the platform, we have subscribed with Adsense to monetize the platform. This will also cater for all the operating costs. While sustainability is important, we are also working towards the best user experience. We try as much as we can to avoid clutter on the platform. This leads to yet another important feature – the marketplace. In our early days, we had classifieds, unclassified. We went back to the drawing board and optimized for content on demand, hence we have the marketplace in a separate page. It’s just the way it is, listing of items for sale.
Another notable feature is the introduction of remote jobs and international jobs. Remote jobs came earlier. With a lack of local jobs, there was a need to curate relevant remote jobs. Later came international jobs. This was because of an outcry to share South-African vacancies. While this sparked some resistance from our community members, we decided to test the idea. From our analysis, the international jobs have so far proved to be far much better. International jobs also include vacancies for Basotho from international NGOs. So that’s not entirely as bad as some thought it would be.
I love driving my red Ferrari (you understand I’m daydreaming here). I love driving my red Ferrari, and driving fast, very fast, especially along winding coastal roads… that is, as long as I’m in the driver’s seat! If I’m not in control, I do not enjoy the ride nearly as much, in fact I may even resent the fact that I’m not in the driver’s seat. Got it? We understand that people are not bad, or against us, if they resist change and the direction we’re taking. Opposition to change is natural if they feel they have not had a say in the direction the platform is taking. Hence why we always try to get the views from our community members through Facebook.
We have made good friends along the way. We partnered with NUL Research and Innovations to share some of the most engaging content from their network. We have also had a privilege to work with the African Book Club on a writing competition and are gearing up for more initiatives soon. These are all important to us and we’re grateful for the collaborations. We’re also open for more collaborations going forward. You can come on board and just contribute content on the platform. Write for us. Or just say hello!