The Importance of Employer Branding

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Attracting the newest generation of talent is inciting some serious competition. – Jack Hill on 5 keys for building an Employer Brand to attract and Retain Quality Candidates

The way I see it, all people are aware of what a brand is. They know that a brand is important as a distinguishing feature of products and/or services in the business world.

Entrepreneurs always have to fight through the fierce competition, by developing or adopting a brand that will make customers prefer them over competitors. That’s how businesses survive.

Yet, I don’t think equal emphasis is placed by employers on their branding. Their outlook to prospective employees. Employees don’t just join into some organization or company because exists. They want to be part of a company that stands or represents something bigger- people want to be part of impact making entities.

Let met clue you a little, in the job market we talk about building good portfolios as well. And that isn’t going to happen if people just work for anybody.

Candidates are very choosy, regarding who to work for. So to the unsuspecting employer, a great deal of good candidates are lost because the way employers make themselves known is not appealing.

An organization no longer has the luxury of a single focus such as ‘how good is our product or service?’ Now, it’s equally as important to ask ‘how good a company are we to work for?’ – Clodagh O’Brien on How to Build an Employer Brand that Attracts & Retains Talent

Business entities succeed more than others. It’s not necessarily because they pay large sums, nor the fact that they sell incredible products than everybody else. It’s greatly because much focus is placed on their employer brand.

If you don’t think this is true, take a look at job postings from various entities. What you’ll readily see is that some receive more views from candidates than others. Why? Because they’ve managed to paint an enticing picture in the eyes of candidates.


According to Harvard Business Review, employer branding is becoming strategically more important to CEOs and HR and marketing leaders with a third looking to build their global employer brand by 2020… This shift in importance means that a robust employer presence is becoming more important for business looking to secure and retain key talent.

Who can deny it? People want to walk tall in the streets because others respect them for working for a certain organization. They’re looking for what gives them a sense of pride.

Jack Hill further posits that the “next-generation candidates gravitate toward career opportunities that strike a strong work-life balance and offer a sense of purpose. While experienced employees- Gen X and older- share that value, they’re also drawn to organizations that embrace professional freedom, innovation, and flexibility.”

Employer brand forms a backbone of recruiting strategy. So it imperative that companies learn a thing or two about building an appealing brand to prospective employees.

Within the masses of the unemployed, there remains some incredible talent- individuals who are really good at what they do. However, because not many organizations have employer brands such talent is left untapped or underutilized.

Jack Hill also believes that “your employer brand is, essentially, the face of your company. It is what candidates believe to be true of you as an employer, and it underpins the outcome of your talent acquisition strategy. Historically low unemployment means that confusion about employer branding can hinder an organization’s recruiting efforts. If your brand isn’t rising above the fray, attracting candidates will be much more challenging.”

As the lines blur even more between marketing and recruitment, the best brands are bold and authentic, sharing ‘what it’s like to work here.’ An insight into company culture, career progression and colleagues, is now a must for job-seekers. – Chris Pateman on 10 QUICK WAYS TO IMPROVE EMPLOYER BRANDING AND TOP TALENT RECRUITMENT