The Earth Hour – World’s Largest Collective Environmental Action


In the wake of the climate change phenomenon and its harsh effects, movements, organizations and even campaigns have been formed to contend with it.

Amidst them’ lies The Earth Hour TM, which is the world’s largest collective environmental action. It is the brainchild of Todd Sampson and Andy Ridley formed in 2007 in Australia in partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

This annual and global campaign is celebrated on the last Saturday of march from 8:30-9:30pm and is estimated to be backed up by more than 170 countries worldwide.

Simple and straight forward, the mission was and still is, to unite people in protecting the planet for future generations. Its decree is to amalgamate business organizations, individuals, communities and governments in raising awareness regarding the effects of global warming through turning the lights off for one hour across the globe.

As a result, it has inspired legislature changes in countries like Morocco, Finland and Ecuador which is currently pursuing a no-plastic law.

With each passing year, the campaign is centred around a theme and has covered a wide range such as Use Your Power to Change Climate Change in 2015 and Shine A Light On Climate Action in 2017.

According to, the theme for 2019 is Change the Way We Live which puts our daily lives as individuals, companies and families under a microscope examining what we can do without whilst ensuring a sustainable lifestyle. It digs into the ecological footprint in various ways such as food, clothing, personal transport and electricity.

This theme advocates for changes in daily behaviour and in the same breath strives for avoiding over-consumption of renewable natural resources thus safeguarding a sustainable future.

It comes as no surprise that the people often wonder what exactly they can do during earth hour as humans’ reliance on electricity keeps amplifying every day. Through a bit of research, one would be surprised at the longlist of things that can keep one entertained for a good couple of hours. These include:

  • A candlelit diner
  • Camping
  • Catch up on some sleep
  • Walk outside and enjoy some fresh air
  • Stargaze with family, friends and neighbours
  • Do earth hour yoga

On a daily basis the effects of climate change keep mounting and they are nothing short of dire thus it remains a prerogative that we keep taking steps towards minimizing it for the solution lies in our hands.