The Annual Selemo Exhibition 2022 – The introductory theme ‘Lifahleho Tsa Selemo’

Katiso Hlabana

We have journeyed a long way as Basotho, to this present time where we choose to align with our environment during Spring time -SELEMO. Officially recognising the first of August as the start of our new year. SELEMO is a time for renewal, awakening, and optimism after a long winter hibernation, a time for ploughing for the coming harvest as people and communities in Lesotho.

In support of this narrative, as AtobyEvent and Katiso Underscore, we used our creativity to capture the essence of unity and bliss among people and communities during this time.  We intend to share it with Basotho through ‘The Annual Selemo Exhibition’, this yearunder an introductory theme: ‘Lifahleho Tsa Selemo’. The exhibition showcases timeless pictures taken by Katiso Hlabana, an amazing photographer who tells stories of these Basotho villages; Motsekuoa, Ha Seshote, Hlotse Ha Tlaitlai and Mphosong through his lens.

The Annual Selemo Exhibition tells various stories of creatives in Lesotho, sharing perspectives and documenting Lesotho’s history.

About Katiso Underscore

Katiso Hlabana is Mosotho photographer and storyteller. Hlabana is well known for creating original Basotho artwork portraying lives and stories of native Basotho. His body of work centers around articulating the authentic African experience through his images. His vision is to shed a light to true African beauty in the world. To shatter negative misconceptions about Africa globally.