The 7 Most Valuable Career Skills in 2020 and Beyond

Guest Post by Hisham Wyne

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

Cultivating a career is all about implementing the right practices and skills. Therefore, it is crucial for entrepreneurs, professionals, and skilled workers to continuously pursue improvement.

According to life coaches, even the pursuit of hobbies can have a huge impact on one’s career, given that new values are formed when people learn something new and discover their untapped potential.

So, if you have every intention of making 2020 and the years to follow the best period for your career, take the time to develop new skills that can help you on your career path. To get you started, listed below are seven career skills that you can work on.

1. Leadership

Gallup scientists found that companies suffer greatly when there’s poor leadership in the organization. When people with no solid leadership skills assume the roles of manager and supervisor, not only does the company lose money through lower productivity, but valuable employees as well.

So, if you’re aiming higher in the corporate world, study how you can become a good leader — executive coaching and leadership training are available. Not only will you boost your chances of securing a good position in your organization, but also you will support others’ climb as well, and create a healthy and fulfilling work environment.

2. Content Creation

The ability to create high quality content is an advantage in all kinds of industries. It can help in the development of better products, as well as boost marketing initiatives.

It is essential to add that in these highly mechanized times, content creation can be a full-time career. Content creators can carve their place in social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Today’s influencers just continue to churn out good content and earn significantly well in doing so.

3. Communication

According to a reputed English copywriter in Dubai, strong communication skills do not just compel people to act the right way; they bridge or create beneficial connections, and even heal.

Here’s the thing about communication skills, though — these are not just about having the ability to convey messages clearly. Strong communication skills are also about using the right language, so whatever you are saying will be received well by your audience. It involves a deep understanding of the message, having empathy, and sensitivity.

Good communication skills often do not come naturally. Thankfully, there are now many resources available and even classes designed to cultivate or improve such skills.

4. Opportunity Identification

For careers to flourish one must possess the skill of identifying opportunities for growth, not just for oneself but also for the organization you serve. Some people like to call this the “killer instinct,” but it’s simply the ability to keep one’s senses open and sensitive to the potential of things.

Again, this does not come naturally for a lot of people. Nevertheless, you can learn how to be more open. There are reading materials that discuss this, and there are expert opportunity-seekers such as certain motivational speakers who have also shared their expertise.

5. Problem Solving

Growing a career always comes with many challenges. Therefore, problem solving skills are necessary for anybody who wants to progress continuously in their career path.

Solving problems requires you to be analytical. Thus, it would help if you are a good data gatherer as well. If you know how to research and collect information, it will be easier for you to correctly identify the origins of a problem and the different solutions that you can apply.

Having strong problem-solving skills will serve your advantage in all aspects of life. These will enable you to approach whatever problems effectively and take action to restore the proper order of things.

6. Self-Control

One of the best lessons shared by Warren Buffett about success is the importance of restraint or self-control, which is a skill. He said that if you are skilled in controlling your emotions, you can think more clearly and observe situations with sound logic.

Indeed, if you wish to be successful in your career, you must learn to take full control of your emotions. You’ll make better decisions in various situations, and other people will not be able to control you and get you to act in a way that may compromise your goals and integrity.

7. Marketing

All career pursuits involve marketing. You have to market yourself, your beliefs, products, and services. Thus, it’s a critical skill worth learning. There are many marketing strategies to learn, from traditional techniques to digital marketing methods.

You can learn so much about this by signing up for marketing classes, many of which are conducted as special classes or seminars available online or in person.

There you go, seven of the most valuable career skills for this year and beyond. You can trust that all these will benefit you immensely in all the stages of your career.


Hisham Wyne is an award-winning copywriter, brand consultant and content creator based in Dubai. He has over a decade’s experience in helping brands get their messages right. From crisp web copy and zippy brochures to in-depth company profiles and analytical annual reports, Hisham makes words work for you – so you can sell better, gain visibility, and give your brand a unique voice.

During his time in the Middle East, Hisham has collaborated extensively with blue-chip companies including Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Harley-Davidson and Aston Martin, and helped government concerns such as the Dubai Internet City, in5 and the Dubai Design District.