The 6 Really Obvious Ways to Save Money Better Than You Ever Did

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Extensive literature has been expended in encouraging a saving culture. Wise sayings such as one should decide how much to save before spending even surfaced. Money is never enough. Similarly, saving techniques should never be enough.

Trent Hamm indexed a 100 Tips on how you can save money at Among those we selected 6 that were really obvious. It appeared that some were really interconnected, so expect a brilliant combination that will increase the thickness of your wallet if practised over time.

Cook and take a lunch box

Firstly, cook and take a lunch box to work or school. The cooking should consist mostly of vegetables and less meat, which is less healthy and more expensive. Throw fruits into the mix and you have yourself a healthy and cheap meal that will make your boss and your pocket happy.

Drink a glass of water before eating

Secondly, drink a glass of water before eating, it makes you consume less and assists in digestion. While at it, you might consider dropping expensive habits such as smoking and adopting healthy ones such as exercising. We are talking about a simple walk, jog, cardio or full body exercise in the comfort of your home or outside. You can even walk to work or school if possible.

Keep your medical expenses low

Thirdly, the above goes a long way in keeping your medical expenses low. With a sharper mind, you have lower stress levels and make better choices, even in your driving. Opt for a fuel efficient car and avoid speeding because less fuel is consumed. Moreover, less accidents and trouble with cops. You might also want to keep your tyres properly pumped and clean or change your fuel filter regularly for that fuel efficiency. Public transport is also on the table.

Don’t go out, instead, invite friends over

Having accomplished the above, you might want to go out and celebrate with friends. Do not. Invite them over to your place instead, it is cheaper. Make use of their company by exchanging saving advice and providing each other with support to accomplish your saving goals.

Avoid malls

Avoid malls, you know why. When you go shopping, have your list and stick to it. It is also prudent to compare prices and get value for your money. Stop buying new clothes every month, those branded clothes in your closet just need repairing. Also buy matching clothes that you can play around with and look stylish at no extra cost.

Cut on your TV Subscription fees

Lastly, stop paying for channels you do not watch. If possible, watch ever less TV and invest more of your time in reading, which will open new avenues of improvement in your career and social life.

Feeling financially smart already? Implement the suggestions and see if they will work for you.