Tenant Liaison Officer


In 1999 the SOHCO Amalinda development was initiated, with the support of the Flemish government, to address the prevailing shortage of social housing stock in East London in the Eastern Cape. Market surveys, land assembly, planning and funding applications were prepared and subsidies approved in early 2000, for the development of Sohco’s first project, Amalinda Village, in East London.

The process that SOHCO follows as a non-profit Social Housing Institution is to source well located land and develop affordable units for the rental market. As part of the development process, SOHCO applies to Government for a captial grant which pays for part of the construction of the development. The balance of the development costs are then sourced by SOHCO as loan finance. This method of financing allows SOHCO to develop units for the Social Housing RENTAL market and in the process enables the units to be rented out at lower than normal market rental value.

Based in Durban, SOHCO seeks to appoint a


SOHCO seeks to appoints a Tenant Liaison Officer (TLO) to oversee the management of the building complex, including management of
relationships with tenants, rental collection, leasing of units, and management of service providers and maintenance of the building.

Key responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:
Engage in marketing activities by participating in formal and informal networking activities
Furnish prospective tenants with product service offerings and required documentation criteria (product and services brochures/pamphlets)
Complete credit checks and rate applications that have been through credit vetting process
Generate and process qualifying tenants’ lease agreements and ensure that leases are signed
Brief new tenants on council requirements and on deposit requirements
Oversee the handover process to new tenants, ensuring that all relevant documentation is complete and forms are signed
Open accounts for new tenants on Novtel system and capture deposit payment (receipt and allocate)
Identify where payments are to be allocated and query “unknown” deposits
Reconcile bank statements with payments received and monitor any historical accounts directly between tenant and municipality every 3 months, flag arrears accounts for action
Perform internal health & safety inspections and regularly coordinate external health and safety inspection
Establish, communicate with and support tenant focus groups and deal with complaints between parties to facilitate amicable resolutions
Communicate with tenants on newsletter and information letters
Perform condition and tenant audits on site and ensure compliance on all parts, reporting any faults to the relevant authority
Liaise with the maintenance service providers as required to attend to common area maintenance and unit repairs
Produce reports covering vacancies, proposed evictions, absconders, waiting lists, maintenance, cleaning and security issues
The Tenant Liaison Officer must meet the following criteria:
Grade 12 education
Relevant qualification in built environment, ie building/property management
3 years building management, property management and tenant liaison experience
2 years administration experience
Basic accounting knowledge and experience
Computer literacy is essential
Eviction Management (Basic) and lease agreement management (Basic)
Fluent in English and IsiZulu.
View the full job description and application instructions on the Vacancies page at www.actionappointments.co.za and email your application by Friday, 28th May 2021 to [email protected]