Technical Manager Civil Engineering at Roads Directorate


Job Purpose:

Under the general supervision of the Principal Roads Directorate Training Centre the incumbent will have technical, financial and managerial responsibility for Road Maintenance Division. The incumbent will be responsible for training and development of contractors as well as RD staff, participate in field assignments,and prepare tender documents in consultation with the supervisor. Inspects all works carried out by contractors and force account teams (within Training Centre’s jurisdiction) assigned by the Directorate to ensure that they are executed properly in respect of specification, quantity, quality and financial obligations.



S/He should have knowledge for the below mentioned areas. The specific duties and responsibilities for this position are:

  1. Planning, Supervision, Contract Management, and Quality Assurance Management
  2. Assist in preparing annual road maintenance programs and their corresponding budget.
  3. plans and implements all labour based road and bridges (including footbridges) construction and maintenance activities.
  4. Supervise road & bridge construction and maintenance (routine & periodic) works and promptly bring to the notice of SRE in writing any obstruction or difficulty, which hamper the progress and quality of work.
  1. is active and contributing member of any management committee assigned.
  2. ensures that all officers reporting to the Technical Manager understand and fulfill their actual and delegated responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities
  3. ensures that accuracy of productivity data reported on various sites is maintained and improved in order to facilitate evaluation of performance of road maintenance and construction programs.
  4. supervises the work of subordinate officers.
  5. provide the knowledge necessary to implant the principles of Quality Management in the organisation.
  6. provides instruction and guidance to the team members concerning documentation, technical and professional issues.
  7. provides the professional skills necessary to manage road materials evaluation activities.
  8.  Supervise sampling and testing of construction materials and field tests and record the results, as required.
  9. Record all measurements of accepted works done by contractors in the Measurement Book.
  10. Prepare and certify contractors’ certificate for executed works done in accordance with the specifications, standard test procedures and conditions of contract.
  11. Maintain site instruction  book and record any deviation in the standards of workmanship or quality identified in the specifications for construction and maintenance work promptly bring to the notice of Senior Regional Engineer and contractor.
  12. Maintain record of changes made to the construction drawings so that these can be incorporated into the final ‘as built’ drawings.
  13. Conduct road and bridge and traffic count surveys in the prescribed forms and submit the completed report forms to the Sub-Divisional Engineer duly and on time.


  1. Communication
  1. produces monthly reports based on accurate assessment of actual physical progress achieved on each maintenance site and actual inputs used.
  2. prepares and provides reports and information papers concerning the introduction of Quality Assurance across the organisation.
  3. prepares the monthly financial progress and performance reports concerning the milestones achieved for the section for consolidation into the business plan for the Branch.
  4. assesses the performance of all directly reporting subordinates and to provide them with coaching, counselling and recommend training, as appropriate, for their development.
  5. prepares and provides timely and accurate reports concerning the availability of materials for road projects.


  1. Human Resource Management
  1. complies with and ensure that all staff in the section comply with the Directorate’s Code of Conduct and they are motivated
  2. assists with all administrative duties, e.g. periodic staff performance appraisal, recommending staff promotions, staff discipline, etc.
  1. Ensure that the annual budget estimates for all works in his/her section are prepared  and reviewed by the prescribed time and to make the necessary requests for the appropriate budget allocations.
  2. Monitor the expenditures in the division against the relevant budget to ensure that no excess expenditures are permitted to occur. If additional budget appropriations are required, ensure that the applications are made at the appropriate time and ensure that the yearly budget is effectively utilised and avoid incurring large expenditures in the closing months of the year.
  3. Ensure that any revenues under his/her control arising from Directorate operations in the division are fully recovered and deposited in accordance with Government procedures.


  1. Ensures that the execution of all works and all other operations of his section are carried out in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Directorate.
  2. Monitor physical progress against time and cost and avoid cost and time overruns.
    1. Ensures that all reports and other information required from the section and its subsidiary units are completed accurately in the required formats and are submitted to the Roads Directorate Training Centre Principal in time.
    2. Makes inspections of field works in according to the job demands. The results of these visits will be recorded on the prescribed pro-forma for utilization by the Training Centre.
  3. Liaises with other senior staff of the Roads Directorate in order to ensure good performance.


B Tech Degree in civil engineering AND a minimum of 2 years working experience in labour based or equipment based road maintenance.



Good verbal and written communication; good negotiation skills; knowledge of the legal framework in which the government operates; performance management skills; knowledge of technical standards, project management and contract specifications; and human resource and financial management and computer literacy skills.

  • Computer knowledge is a must in MS Office, MS Project
  • Good communication skills are required
  • Good presentation skills


Physical Address:

Roads Directorate Head office

Opposite Browns Cash and Carry

Industrial Area

Tel: (+266) 52229000


Tel :(+266) 2222 9000

Postal Address:

Roads Directorate Head office

Human Resources Office

P.O. Box 194

Industrial Area, Maseru 100