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Organisational – Business Development Consultancy Services


The Graça Machel Trust (GMT) was established in 2010, to improve the way public and private institutions address women and children’s rights and engages in policy dialogue for social and economic transformation that advances the lives of women and children. We amplify women’s movements, influence governance, and promote women’s contributions and leadership in the economic, social, and political development of Africa. The Trust promotes the protection of children’s rights and dignity, working with multiple partners to create a more nurturing space for children in Africa, so they can fulfil their innate potential. Underpinned by a, the Trust is a Pan-African institution which elevates the agenda of African women and children’s issues at national, regional, and continental level by working with and through Networks and Civil Society Organizations and implementing catalytic demonstration projects to drive impact at scale.


The objective of this consultancy is to provide tailored technical assistance (TA) to GMT’s Business Development Department including programme units.

Location and Duration of Work

Work orders will be issued as specific opportunities arise.
The work will be carried out remotely. Based on the intermittent needs of the organisation, GMT will secure and vet the services of a reliable, experienced, African consultancy firm to provide TA support when required.

Consultancy Role

The consultancy firm will work directly with GMT’s Business Development Department, and programme teams to provide intensive tailored capacity support in proposal development and technical assistance to specific programmes. The capacity-support will be focused on Business Development, to provide adequate resources and skilled technical consultants in preparation for live proposals.

Adhoc Responsibilities (scope of work)
Provide capacity training and TA to programme staff, including the Business Development Unit
Co-Lead on competitive bids (critical aspects for writing assignments, e.g., technical information required for the proposal write up, data analysis, linkages, private sector engagement, best practices, trends, incumbent information)
If needed, conduct in-depth design sessions with programme staff and technical experts to tailor and synthesize input for live proposals.
Provide expertise in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning plans, work plans and methodology approaches on live bids.
Review and edit proposals and provide individual coaching
Provide technical lead support in OVC, Nutrition, Gender and Equality, Women Economic and Social Advancement, Investment Funding, Advocacy & Governance and Child Education.
Individuals or consultancy firms may apply.

Qualifications (of each consultant identified for the prescribed scope of work)
• Master’s degree in international development or relevant field, or equivalent in experience
• At least 5 years’ experience in proposal development
• At least 5 years’ experience building capacity of local organizations
• Proven track record in writing successful proposals for regional and international funders
• Strong technical knowledge of OVC, nutrition, gender equality, women economic advancement, M&E, and adolescents programming
• Proven ability to cultivate consensus, multitask and be flexible and responsive to quickly changing demands
• Ability to write clearly and concisely in English. (Other languages, mainly French and Portuguese will be an added advantage)
How to Apply: Proposals must be submitted by 28th May 2021 via email to [email protected] with “Capacity Consultant Support” in the subject line. The documents to submit include:
Capacity statement of the firm/CV in case of individual consultant (3 pages)
Proposed work plan for this SOW, with activity description and timeline (maximum 5 pages)
CVs of at least three consultants in case of a firm applying -maximum 3 pages per consultant
Detailed budget to reflect cost rate for aspects of the SOW
Contact information for at least 2 regional organizations references that benefited from similar work from the consultant/firm
Evaluation criteria
Points (Max. Total 35)
Degree to which the consultant possesses the technical knowledge, experience and capacity needed to provide the stated consultancy services
Degree to which the consultant/firm provides two verifiable references for work done with local organizations
Only complete proposals will be evaluated.
Those that meet the technical requirements will be evaluated for price.
Disclaimers and Protection Clauses:
GMT may cancel the solicitation and not award
GMT may reject any or all responses received
Issuance of the solicitation does not constitute an award commitment by GMT
GMT reserves the right to disqualify any offer based on failure of the offeror to follow solicitation instructions
GMT will not compensate any offeror for responding to solicitation
GMT reserves the right to issue award based on initial evaluation of offers without further discussion
GMT may choose to award only part of the activities in the solicitation, or issue multiple contracts based on the solicitation activities
GMT reserves the right to waive minor proposal deficiencies that can be corrected prior to award determination to promote competition