TechCon Lesotho 2019 Registration is now open


TechCon Lesotho is a technology conference that aims to bring together people of different disciplines and backgrounds, and those that are fascinated by technology, its applications and current achievements including the latest trends. This is the conference that brings people and technology together.

The event which will be in September 2019 invites industry professionals, college and university students and Form E students who are just about to go into higher education.

We are inviting experts in technology topics such as artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, internet of things, drones, and robotics and more. You will see these technologies demonstrated live so it is going to be an educational and fun experience.

Click here to see the current speakers and keep up to date as we continue to add speakers weekly, you can also register to book a seat.

Technology affects all of us and therefore everyone is invited to attend an to learn about the impact that technology has in our lives, beyond the normal that we experience daily.

We need to know what is happening in the world of technology so that we know where we stand, this is necessary to move forward technologically to be a part of the 4th industrial revolution and become equipped with the right skills to thrive.

The event is also a fund raiser for BasaliTech Events in order to reach more children and introduce them to technology using fun projects and to reach more schools.

Click here to learn more about the events, the next event is on June 15, 2019 where children will learn introduction to electronics and robotics. We would like the event to be free and therefore we reach out to anyone willing to sponsor the event and to donate, let us transform Lesotho technologically, together.

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