TB prevalence Survey in Lesotho


The Ministry of Health is conducting a nationwide TB prevalence Survey from February 2019. The Ministry has engaged University Research Company (URC) to carry out this exercise on their behalf.  The objective of the TB Prevalence survey is determine TB prevalence among Basotho aged 15 years and above. The survey envisages to reach 26 848 Basotho from 54 clusters and 500 Basotho are expected to participate in each of those cluster.

Lesotho is among the high burden countries with TB and high rate of HIV co-infection, all these are estimates through guidance from World Health Organization (WHO) hence the recommendation and to carry out this important intervention for the Ministry to obtain accurate information and a  clear picture of the burden of TB  and thereof  improve on TB related policies and strategies as the world strives to end TB.

The survey process involves the following:

When the survey team arrives at the cluster they are welcomed by the area chief who facilitates their stay, accommodation, mobilization and security of the team and the equipment. The process entail the 1st visit by  Ministry of Health and URC team to seek authority from the community leadership, 2nd pre-visit  three to four days before the activity through the  Survey Coordinator & M&E Advisor then the Census Team  remain in the field for 7 days or 8 days if needed.

The survey is now in Maseru and Leribe district as the last mile, with 15 clusters to cover in Maseru and 9 in Leribe.  In Leribe the survey is now working at the 44th cluster Ha Tlaitlai from the 01st to 08th September 2019, the next cluster to follow will be Ha ‘Mathata then Ha Nyenye from week of the 08th to 15th and 15th to 22nd September 2019 respectively.  The villages involved at Ha Tlaitlai cluster are Ha Tlaitlai and Lisemeng 1 villages, the survey site is stationed next to Tlaitlai on the way to the airport.

In Maseru district the teams are now working at Ha Ralejoe cluster which is the 43rd covering Ha Kubutu, Ha Mpao and Ha Phaloana villages. The temporary survey clinic is pitched at Ha Phaloana. The next cluster in Maseru will be Ha Tsolo followed by Ha Leqele from the week of the 08th to 15th and 15th to 22nd September 2019 respectively.

From the recent clusters the ministry continues to note a lot of excitement from villages who often perceive our presence as service delivery intervention or outreach. This can be challenging as the survey is guided by a protocol with clear geographic areas to cover, so some willing community members may not necessarily belong to the designated clusters. The last clusters were a success with good turn up estimated at 85%. Roma cluster at Ha Mafefoane did so well despite being in town, this tells us of the willingness and understanding of individuals whether in urban or rural. 

Variable participation whereby in some areas less than expected House Hold members were found and thus reducing the number of eligible people. In some areas invited participants were giving us tough time declining to participate at the 11th hour. This was mostly observed in urban areas e.g. in Berea district Koalabata cluster. Despite the harsh terrain and bad roads of Lesotho the mobile x-rays on the truck shown on the pictures here, have never failed us, we had a second option of a mobile x-ray on a van where roads were very very bad.

Mosotho oa heso the success of the survey is through your active participation if you are invited by the community volunteers i.e. the 500 invited Basotho with invitation cards in each cluster are urged to participate in the survey. 

Mosotho living in Leribe or Maseru pay attention TB is real hence the need to join forces and kick it out of the world and out of beloved kingdom.  The truck on this article signifies our presence in your village with TB screening services using x-ray (seipone).


# Take part in the survey, help us to know the TB prevalence in Lesotho