Surveillance Detection Monitor



Job holder provides security for U.S. personnel and facilities by conducting SD operations as a member of a tactical team of SD personnel.  SD Monitors observe, recognize, and report potential surveillance and other suspicious incidents directed against U.S. Government facilities and/or personnel and initiate emergency responses to possible hostile actions, as necessary, to safeguard life and property.

Qualifications and Evaluations


EXPERIENCE: A minimum of one (1) year of military, policy, or private experience in the field of security required.

JOB KNOWLEDGE:  Knowledge of surveillance techniques, familiarity with local pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns and habits, awareness of cultural norms and customs is required.  The position requires good working knowledge of the host city’s geography and general culture.
Education Requirements:

Mandatory: Completion of Secondary School or Local Mandatory Schooling and received high school diploma


Post may choose to add the phrase “This may be tested” after a language, skill, and/or ability.  Review the VA template for specific information.

LANGUAGE:  Mandatory: English level II (Limited knowledge) Reading/Writing/Speaking is required. Host country language level III (Good working knowledge) Reading/Writing/Speaking is required.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Must possess a valid basic driver’s license.  Must be skilled in the use of communications equipment, cameras, and basic information technology systems.  Must provide detailed oral reports.   Must work independently and adapt to a wide range of threat and environmental conditions.  Must have good observation skills. ( This may be tested)

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO):  The U.S. Mission provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.


All applicants under consideration will be required to pass medical and security certifications.

Closing date: 14 December 2022

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