Support of Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign


Invitation for Bids
Invitation for Bids for the procurement of Cold Chain Equipment

Project:                                               Support of Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign
Tender Issue Date:                             November 24, 2021
Tender Closing Date:                         December 24, 2021
NCB Nr.:                                             201265198_2021_ICB_DGMT_CCE

The South African – German Financial Cooperation builds on a long-standing relationship in the health sector. Various programs have been implemented with a focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, including the HIV Prevention Programme, BMZ No. 2012 65 198.

As a part of this project, KfW (German Development Bank) is providing support to the South African vaccination campaign with the procurement of cold chain equipment for COVID-19 vaccines to effectively support the roll-out of the vaccination program.

The DG Murray Trust invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for Vaccine refrigerators, 2 types of cold boxes and temperature monitoring devices. The cold boxes and temperature monitoring devices will need to be delivered DPU to approximately 11 central warehouses throughout the country. The final number of delivery points for the cold boxes and temperature monitoring devices will be defined and communicated before contract signature. The vaccine refrigerators will need to be delivered DPU and installed at the vaccination sites located throughout the country. The procurement is grouped into four lots. Bidders are invited to bid for a single lot only or for any combination of the lots. 

Lot 1: Up to 1,735 vaccine refrigerators 
Lot 2: Up to 4,056 cold boxes (0.8-3l)
Lot 3: Up to 4,818 cold boxes (6-25l)
Lot 4: Up to 5,603 temperature monitoring devices

Bidding will be conducted by means of the single stage, 2-envelope International Competitive Bidding procedure. A complete set of bidding documents is available to interested Bidders at [email protected] free of charge. The bidding documents received from the Purchaser are not transferable.

Bids must be delivered through document upload in the e-procurement system as indicated in the bidding document on or before 24 December at 16h00 (South African time). Late Bids will be rejected.

All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security.