Supply And Delivery Of Electrical And General Spares at LEC


INVITATION FOR TENDER                                                 REF: LEC/PO-758/2018/19


Lesotho Electricity Company invites bids from interested tenderers to tender for Supply and Delivery of Electrical and General Spares at LEC Main Store.


Lot Description
1 Pole Wood


Ring Main Unit, Mini Sub, NECRT, 11kv Transformer, 33kv/400v Transformer, 33/22kv

Transformer and Switch Gear



Kit Splice Resin, Joint Cable 12kv, Joint Cable 33kv, Termination kit indoor 12kv,

Termination kit Outdoor 12kv and Termination kit indoor 33kv

4 Insulators


Meters Boxes, Meter Maximum Demand, MOV, Wallbases, Meter Keypad, Meter Prepaid 1 and

Meter Prepaid 3



Bandits, Saddle, Screw, Nuts, Washers, Rods, Bolts, Plates, Rods, Brackets, Nails, Pipes Flat

Strap Bracing, Spindle and Thimble

7 Cables, End Cap, Joint, Preinsulated, Insulated, Conductors Bare, Conductors and Wires
8 Boxes, Circuit Breakers and Din Rail
9 Preform, dead end, Spacer, Line taps, Joints and Crimpits
10 Ferrules, Lugs, Lug Crimp Aluminum, Lug Crimp Copper, Lug Preinsulated and Terminal Lugs
11 Fuse HRC, U4 and U5 Distribution Unit, Fuse Striker Pin Brackets and Holders
12 Earthing Material
13 Transformer Combi Unit and Accessories, Arrestors and Fuses
14 Clamps
15 Glands, Ties, Connectors and Tapes
16 Cubicles, Current Transformer, Panel, Kiosks and Distribution units


  1. Tendering companies should have the following documents:

    Company Registration Certificate

    Tax Clearance Certificates
    Traders License


  1. Contract Period

The contract will expire after two years from the date of commencement thereof (which shall be as soon as the tendering process is completed).


  1. Purchasing the document and Bid security

The tenderer shall be expected to pay M2000.00 (Two Thousand Maloti) for purchasing the document and M5000.00 (Five Thousand Maloti) for bid security in the form of a bank
guaranteed cheque.


  1. Tender not binding

LEC will not be obliged to accept the lowest-priced or any other tender.

Sealed tenders clearly marked “SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ELECTRICAL AND GENERAL SPARES.” bearing no identification of the Tenderer, must be deposited in a tender box located at the LEC Management Block Reception, Head office on or before 14:00hrs on the 09 August, 2018. Tenders will be opened on the same day at 14:15hrs. The bidders or their representatives may attend the opening.


  1. Compulsory Tender Briefing Session

Tenderers are hereby informed that there will be briefing session on the 23 July, 2018 at 10:00hrs at LEC Training centre


  1. For further enquiries contact:

Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding documents at Procurement offices at:

Lesotho Electricity Company (Pty) Ltd.

53 Moshoeshoe Road, Industrial Area, P.O. Box 423, Maseru, 100, Lesotho

Tel: +266 5227 2127, 5227 2360, 5227 2146, 2231 2236 Fax: +266 2232 7647


A complete set of bidding documents is available from Procurement Office