Staying Healthy Can Be Fun

Photo by Andrii Zhuk on Unsplash

Many fear that our younger generation are being forced into a world of vedging out in front of the TV, spending hours playing computer games and indulging in what is perceived to be quite frankly a lazy lifestyle. As you know, those are coupled with binge eating. Research into the growing rates of childhood obesity points towards such a lifestyle as one of the main triggering factors for this illness.

Undoubtedly children that are encouraged to eat a healthy diet and lead an active lifestyle will be in a better position both physically and mentally. So what can be done to lure our youngsters away from hours in front of the TV or computer? Too many kids miss the opportunity to enjoy healthy activities in the fresh air.

There are a number of outdoor products on the market tailored to meet the needs of children, whilst maintaining a high standard of safety. A fantastic product that is loved by all has got to be the trampoline. It is thought that the Eskimos, who used to toss each other up into the air on a walrus skin, came up with the first official type of trampolining. Trampolining is not only fun, it is healthy and an ideal method for children to remain active in a safe environment.

In fact, who’s to say exciting forms of exercise like trampolining should be limited to children? Why not get one big enough for you to enjoy too. Not only would this help you to keep off the pounds, it would set a great example to our younger generation.

We’ve heard that many of our fast-foods sites give out some nice, unhealthy snacks, but we can’t regulate our intake of them. Health practitioners talk about the dangers of cholesterol in what we eat, but very little goes in terms of us paying attention to it.

But why all this indifference towards being and eating healthy, by our generation? One reason is that people cringe whenever the “G” word comes up in a social talk. Every time when someone would talk about having been or planning to go to the gym, it leaves frightful thoughts in our minds. We think of the hard work that goes on in there. The sweating and the weight lifting make us hate the “g” word.

But being healthy doesn’t have to be toilsome. It can actually be a fun-inducing experience. It all begins with making little changes in what we eat. Talk about having a fruit and water for lunch instead of fatty foods.

Talk about drinking more water and preferring water in restaurants.  Think of up the staircase instead of the elevator to the office. Think of commuting to work or even riding a bicycle if it is too far to walk.


Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.