Special Education Needs Teacher


Do you have a goal of facilitating the best academic experience for special needs children? Join our team as a special education teacher to provide outstanding coursework to all students, including those with learning disabilities or other special needs. You will have a chance to use your expertise in behavior modification and instruction techniques to develop positive changes in your students’ academic and social development.

Job Responsibilities
• Provide academic instruction to special needs students in a variety of subjects using evidence-based techniques such as multisensory learning, repetition or phonetics.
• Create individualized programs for students based on their specific needs to promote learning and social development.
• Communicate educational plans to parents, teachers, administrators, social workers and others involved with the student’s progress.
• Utilize positive reinforcement and behavior modification to instruct students in socially acceptable behavior to reduce incidents and maintain order.
• keep detailed records of each student’s progress.
• Keep records of all special needs
• Coordinate with other educators to modify the curriculum to provide a more effective learning environment for special needs students to improve their potential.
• Administer tests to assist in diagnosing certain learning disabilities and to monitor the progress of each student.
• Instruct students in one or more subjects using discussions, lectures, demonstrations and other instructional tools to improve their grasp on the subject matter.
Job Skills & Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in special education or related field
• Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a special education needs teacher
• Excellent oral and verbal communication skills
• Training in behavioral analysis and modification
• A background in psychology
• Proven problem-solving skills

To apply, send us your application letter and CV to [email protected]