Social Worker


CASE has been functioning in Hanover Park since 2001, with formal NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) registration in 2005. CASE has its roots deep in the community and its developing theoretical understandings and all its activities, incorporate input from the community. Community Action towards a Safer Environment (CASE) seeks to break the cycle of crime and violence in which young people live by equipping community members to reorganize and respond appropriately to both the causes and effects of crime and violence in their communities. CASE’s community based psycho- social intervention was developed from the need to address problems of ongoing, pervasive violence and continues trauma. We at CASE believe that this is the root cause of and also perpetuates the ongoing cycle of violence and dysfunction that exists in the community. CASE addresses this issue by using a holistic ecological approach to break the cycle of crime and violence that individuals are exposed to. In doing this CASE largely operates on a volunteer basis, recruiting volunteers from the community and thus, allowing for maximal ownership of its programmes and projects. CASE’s ecological approach of working which recognizes that when individuals are given the opportunity to process the traumas of their past in a safe space, build resilience in order to counter the ongoing effects of trauma and are provided with important skills, they will become empowered to make a difference, not only in their lives but within their community as well.

CASE seeks to appoint a Community Social Worker, based in Cape Town.