Social Media Video Producer


Request for Proposals

Social Media Video Producer for the Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is seeking an individual consultant to develop compelling video content for our global social media channels

Summary Information

  • Department: Marketing & Communications
  • Location: Global
  • Commitment: 3 months (option to extend)
  • Desired start date and duration: March 1, 2024
  • Under direction of: Melissa Normann, Brand Marketing & Digital Lead

Consultancy Summary

About the Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance, a New York-based 501(c)3, and UTZ, an Amsterdam-based foundation, merged in 2018. Together, the new Rainforest Alliance is now a $70 million per year organization with offices in 17 countries (and growing) and over 700 staff. The merged organization has two main offices—one in Amsterdam and one in New York City.

The Rainforest Alliance is creating a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities.

We work towards making responsible business the new normal through our certification program, tailored supply chain services, landscape and community work and advocacy.


For the past 37 years, the Rainforest Alliance has built its brand recognition as an industry leader in sustainable agriculture through compelling storytelling about our work to protect forests and biodiversity, fight climate change, and promote the rights and improve the livelihoods of rural people.

Short-form video amplifies stories about the Rainforest Alliance’s diverse partnerships with farmers, companies, and consumers. In today’s crowded social media landscape, video is critical to join the online conversation, promote our mission and the impacts of our work, and inspire action and support.  

We are seeking a social media video production consultant to:

  • Create an ongoing stream of video content that promotes the Rainforest Alliance and our mission to consumers, primarily for Instagram and TikTok
  • Create compelling video content that will drive increased engagement.
  • Identify and create content following current trends.
  • Create video content to support our online paid advertising program.

Main Objectives

  1. Develop ideas for compelling video content for consumers, promoting the mission of the Rainforest Alliance and following current social media video trends.
  2. Produce unique and engaging short-form videos in varied tone, style, and format suitable for all our social media channels, primarily Instagram and TikTok.
  3. Utilize various audiovisual materials (archival video, stock footage, images, designs, and native editing features on platforms such as TikTok and Canva) to quickly assemble digital-first stories for target audiences.
  4. Provide final video files including sound mixing and color correction.
  5. Repurpose videos created in other formats and edit them for social media, as needed.
  6. Stay up to date with video format changes for the Rainforest Alliance’s social media platforms. 


  • Each month, provide a list of potential ideas for new video content, following organizational goals and current trends.
  • Each month, produce at least 20 short-form videos that are consistent with the Rainforest Alliance’s branding and social media presence.
  • Create video content in support of the organization’s paid social media advertising program. 

General terms and conditions for Request for proposal

  • Proposals and/or any additional information received after the submission time and date are subject to rejection by the Rainforest Alliance. Incomplete proposals may be rejected by RA at its discretion.
  • The Rainforest Alliance reserves the right to request additional information at any time during the procurement process.
  • Rainforest Alliance is at liberty to make multiple or no selections as part of the proposal process. Rainforest Alliance also reserves the right to cancel the procurement.
  • All proposal costs shall be borne by the applicant and will not be reimbursed by Rainforest Alliance.

Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrated experience creating compelling video content specifically for consumer-facing social media channels.
  2. A collaborative working style and openness to feedback.
  3. Strong attention to detail and high level of responsiveness. 
  4. Ability to effectively tailor content to different channels, in terms of tone and format. 
  5. Strong grasp of creative trends in social media. 

Proposal Process and Format

Email and contact to submit and deadline is February 21, 2024

Guidance on what proposals should contain. Examples include:

  • Portfolio of previously created social media video content.
  • Monthly rate.
  • Current C.V.(S)
  • Contact details of recent references

Finalists will be notified of their selection by late February. 

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