Social Entrepreneurship Jobs and Careers


Being any kind of entrepreneur is inherently risky, but social entrepreneurs often go even further, tackling intractable problems in ways never before tried. – on The big picture: Careers in Entrepreneurship and social enterprise

Undeniably, our world is full of social pathologies or ills. It would seem that our traditional approaches lack behind in solving such. We’re desperately in need of new and better ways of coping and ultimately coming to the rescue of a great majority. For instance, we’re well aware of unprecedented rise in unemployment, spread of diseases, drug abuse etc. all these testify to the fact that, there’s some level of social disorganization in our societies.

Social entrepreneurship has been proposed as the most practical way of solving our situation. But because of its very nature, those wishing to pursue careers in social entrepreneurship need to acknowledge the uncertainties involved. Only those ready to put everything on the line can find their abode within this industry.

According to, “social entrepreneurs are driven by the issues they seek to address. As such, they’re constant representatives of the course they’re fighting for.”

This shows that there are a variety of jobs to be found within this emerging industry. The many problems mean that many solutions are needed. So it is imperative, that those inclined to social impact note that finding that job that fulfills one as an individual is tough. Sieving through all other opportunities can be time-consuming, but worth it.

Here are some jobs to consider in line with social entrepreneurship:

  1. Information (writing) jobs: we’ve arrived within a knowledge-based economy. Today, information has become a single most important element in lives. To do anything, people need information. So by way of responding to this need, jobs that offer such information are very much needed. You can always think of civic education, entrepreneurial education, you name them. These sort of jobs can in themselves be fulfilling.
  2. Philanthropic jobs: we’ve got so many poor lives in our midst. As part of caring for humanity, charitable jobs are very much on demand.
  3.  Counseling jobs: our world is full of hurting people. To really have some who’ve undergone training counselling these great masses can prove important. These jobs are very much on demand.
  4. Basic IT jobs: many people are both computer and social media illiterate. So the job of teaching these masses such basic IT skills is very important.
  5. Life coaching jobs: people face differing challenges in life. They all want to succeed, but many don’t know how. So this is the thing they’d readily pay for. They want someone who sees their potential as individuals and who can communicate that to them. If you’re good with people, you may want to go for it.
  6. Résumé writing and editing business jobs: everyday people are applying for jobs. Yet, most people don’t ever hear from the recruiters because, well their résumés are not up to the recommended standard. So for those with some background in job applications and have an eye for detail, this is your thing. Help job seekers perfect their stuff.
  7. Tutoring jobs: we always have struggling students, in one way or the other. So one can help those facing the problems with the things him/her mastered. Think of external students, they’re a good market. This is especially relevant to those with background in teaching.
  8. Sustainability consultant jobs: for agribusiness world like ours, farmers don’t always know about strategies on sustaining their productivity. So for those with some academic and practical know-how this is the deal. We continually hear of global warming, people are panic stricken and are looking for someone whom they can see as a ray of hope- someone who is an advisor on eco-friendly business practices.


Teboho Polanka
Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.