Sepheo identifies, reintegrates and educates children living and begging on the streets in Maseru.

Children are on the streets for many reasons. They have lost parents to HIV and fallen victim to abandonment, extreme poverty and family breakdown.

Some have raised themselves on the street, sleeping under makeshift shelters, suffering disease and malnutrition and turning to violence and crime to make a living.

Others are the breadwinners for their families, going to town from surrounding villages to beg or do small jobs to take money home at the end of the night.

Children on the street focus on survival. Because of this, many have missed out on education.

Sepheo School is a place of safety and acceptance. When kids come off the streets, they are often too far behind and afraid to go back to mainstream school.

Sepheo School allows children to catch up on their education at their own pace, using an accelerated curriculum, technology, individually focused learning and one-on-one tuition. Classes are fun and reinstil confidence in each child’s ability to learn.