Senior Researcher / Researcher in Feminist Economics


The IEJ is a progressive economics think tank based in Johannesburg South Africa. The IEJ’s core objective is to provide policymakers and progressive social forces in South Africa with access to rigorous economic analysis, and well thought through policy options, as a basis for advancing systemic change. Interventions proposed by the IEJ must advance social justice, promote equitable economic development that realises socio-economic rights, and ensure a thriving, democratic, environmentally sustainable, and inclusive economy that places the needs of the majority at the centre.

The Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) seeks a Researcher / Senior Researcher in the Feminist Economics programme.

The Feminist Economics Programme

The IEJ has a relatively young but vibrant Feminist Economics programme. This programme builds capacity within the IEJ and partner organisations and movements to produce analysis and policy recommendations based on feminist economics approaches, which centre the voices of marginalised and working people.

The programme has both its own projects and shapes research, policy, and advocacy across the organisation. The projects within the programme focus on research, associated policy and advocacy, and feminist economics education, political education, and community building. This is undertaken through the flagship Feminist Economics Summer School (FESS) and the production of research, through a feminist lens, on the labour market, care economies, social reproduction, and budgeting and macroeconomic policy, to name a few central areas. Across the organisation, the programme provides analytical tools, methodological frameworks, and theoretical grounding that integrate feminist economics / feminist political economic principles.

The feminist economics programme is also in the process of strengthening continental alliances through research collaborations with feminist organisations and researchers in Africa and is implementing projects in line with this objective.

Researcher / Senior Researcher: Feminist Economics

The Researcher / Senior Researcher will lead a new project entitled “COVID-19 and Economies of Care Work in South African Urban Households”. This project asks whether COVID-19-induced changes are leading to a fundamental shift in the structure of production and social reproduction with long-term implications for understanding social relationships and policy. This will include both qualitative and quantitative work, in both the field and office settings. The Researcher / Senior Researcher will also work to build partnerships, develop policy proposals, and undertake advocacy in relation to the findings of the research.

The Researcher / Senior Researcher will also play a leading role in organising the IEJ’s next, and future, Feminist Economics Summer School. The 2022 School is Care and Economic Crisis: History, Theory, and Methodology in Feminist Economics.

In addition, the Researcher / Senior Researcher will work on projects to advance the aim of integrating feminist economics / feminist political analysis across IEJ’s work. They will actively participate in the implementation of ongoing projects in addition to identifying and conceptualising new directions in feminist thinking in economics from a national, regional, and continental perspective. This will be achieved through among others the following:
An understanding of the place and role of feminist economics in achieving the overall objectives and vision of IEJ;
An inter-disciplinary exchange between various programmes at the IEJ, with the aim of providing a crosscutting analytical lens; and
Close collaboration with other programmes in feminist economics methodological training.
Within the Feminist Economics Programme, the Researcher / Senior Researcher will:
Participate in daily implementation of projects;
Undertake desktop literature reviews, statistical analysis, fieldwork, reporting writing, and partnership and advocacy work within the “COVID-19 and Economies of Care Work in South African Urban Households” project.
Actively participate in the feminist education and political education initiatives of the IEJ, including through leading the planning and implementation of the annual Feminist Economics Summer School and contributing to the REFA programme;
Implement existing and contribute to conceptualising new research;
Write, review, and publish relevant project outputs; and
Build and sustain networks with feminist organisations working in economic policy.
In addition, the Researcher / Senior Researcher will:
Be actively involved in IEJ’s policy debates and publications; and
Contribute towards IEJ general and organisational tasks as required.
Minimum qualifications / experience required:
Masters’ Degree (Researcher) or PhD (Senior Researcher) in economics and/or any social science field (politics, political economy, and sociology preferable), with specialisations in gender, feminist studies, labour studies, or statistics.
At least 3-5 years (Researcher) or 5-10 years (Senior Researcher) of research experience;
Previous academic or non-academic publications; and
Experience working with feminist organisations/in feminist organising at country, regional, or continental level is desirable.
The candidates should have the following attributes:
Strong writing and analytical skills;
Good interpersonal, networking and communication skills;
Be committed to progressive economic transformation in South Africa and Africa;
English language fluency with strong research ability; and
Advanced understanding of the national and international context of the research.
The IEJ is committed to gender and racial equity and transformation and will consider this when reviewing applications.

Contract details

The contract will be a full-time three-year contract beginning as early in 2022 as possible. The first year is probationary after which, performance and funding dependent, the Researcher / Senior Researcher may be confirmed for the further two years. The position will be based in Johannesburg. Remuneration will be at market rates and based on work experience.

Applications should be made via: .For queries contact [email protected], no applications will be accepted by email nor replied to.

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