Selibeng Launches #SupportSmallBusinesses Campaign


The Covid-19 pandemic has taught everyone across the globe to stay prepared for catastrophe. Economists predict that it will take the world an average of 5 years to recover from the economic disaster caused by harsh lock downs.

As the world slowly retreats towards the new normal, small businesses are in jeopardy because of the increase of prices from suppliers. Small business owners are at risk of shutting down completely because they make little to no profit.

In order to support small business owners who literally have very little to survive as we move towards the new normal, Selibeng is proud to announce to the general public that we will be conducting a #SupportSmallBusinesses campaign.

Throughout the month of June, Selibeng will actively participate in raising awareness about the importance of supporting small businesses. As such, throughout the entire month, you can look forward to education about everything entrepreneurial – from how to set up your own small business to how to manage it. 

As we explore different aspects of small business management per week, be sure to get tips on how to keep your small business afloat as Lesotho moves towards the new normal. You can also look forward to entrepreneurial inspiration that will come through different ways.

Finally, we would like to send an open invitation to all small business owners. We request that they contact Selibeng for an exclusive feature on the Selibeng website that will raise awareness about their business. Your story will not only help you see how far you have come, but will also become an inspiration to people desiring to start a business.

We believe that the campaign #SupportSmallBusinesses is going to shed light on the importance of staying enthusiastic in the journey of business management. It is without a doubt that it will also eradicate the stigma around establishing your own business in Lesotho.

To get a feature, contact Selibeng at [email protected]


Grace is an uprising youth activist who uses her voice to inspire and inform. She has worked internationally as the Deputy Secretary General with Model UN Impact. This is where she advocated for youth inclusivity in the implementation of the SDGs and further launched projects such as PHAHAMA MOSALI. She is currently the youngest SDGs Ambassador for the internationally renowned Global Citizens Innovative Solutions SDGs Challenge.