Sales Consultant (Merchant Solutions)


Job Purpose

  • To implement the localized Card acquiring features / solutions designed in line with the required standards, overall product / client solutions strategy, product toolbox, product processing standards and product risk framework.
  • Engages, builds and manages relationships with key internal and external stakeholders such merchants.
  • To drive and manage the profitable delivery of a proactive, value adding sales, solution and service platform through Card Acquiring in order to grow and retain high-value business.
  • To leverage and optimise resource capacity and market potential within the PBB.
  • To manage operational risk for Card Acquiring within the regulatory and compliance framework of the Bank.
  • To maximise PBB growth, retention and profitability targets for the Acquiring business

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

• Effective implementation of customer support and value propositions
• Meet the sales budgets in line with local market dynamics.
• Translate the sales growth objectives into clear sales tactics and regularly analyses management information (MI) to inform and strengthen the sales tactics.
• Measures, tracks and manages sales targets and performance for the team on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
• Ensures effective on-boarding of customers to ensure active and profitable customer relationships.
• Supports all sales campaigns through the daily tracking of sales performance as well as implementing remedial actions.
• Manages work list queues to ensure items are actioned within agreed timelines
• Works with marketing, sales, and communications team to provide input towards campaigns and go-to market plans for all Card Acquiring products to create awareness in the market.
• Support BB & CIB teams in ensuring effective and consistent implementation and application of the relevant customer value propositions
• Executes, tracks and reports on all Card Acquiring product economics (including pricing and margin frameworks); in the event of under-performance, defines and recommends remedial actions
• Increase penetration of Card Acquiring products within existing customer base and increase market share and support development of solutions to acquire new customers to the bank.
• Conducts and analyses market research (local and international) to make informed product solutions proposals, to complete a business viability study and finalise the product design.
• Maintain constant interaction with customers and relevant stakeholders
• Identify key product trends and implement appropriate actions to address stakeholder concerns.
• Review operational dashboards daily and increase performanceIncrease turnover and increase merchant discount and income from other commission-based sources for the Card Acquiring portfolio as per agreed targets to achieve sustainable economic profit

• Drive campaigns to achieve acquisition, activation, retention and turnover targets

• Identifies areas of opportunities and seeks feedback to facilitate improvements in all aspects of the product. i.e. sales, service, operations efficiency, and volume and value growth.
• Together with Risk and IT, identify and monitor key risk indicators.
• Complies with product governance by adhering to approved pricing manual.
• Conducts annual process rationalisation and working together with continuous improvement teams

• Measure and manage the application processing process according to established turnaround times and standards requirements.
• Ensure root cause analysis undertaken on all applications out of SLA to prevent recurring problems
• Maintain the culture of service excellence within the Card acquiring unit
• Develops and understands core customer insights through customer visits with RM’s and customer forums organised by the bank.
• Performs a proactive liaison role between relevant stakeholders in CCC, Product, and Operations Shared Services (OSS) to ensure customer service expectations are fully met.
• Ensures appropriate in country alignment and integration between card issuing, card acquiring and payments and transactional products areas to allow maximizing of client solution enablement and delivery
• Monitors product marketing initiatives and awareness and recommends initiatives.
• Collects competitor and market segment insights and analytics in order to derive at an understanding of customer needs / wants /behaviours to identify opportunities for the development of new products.

• Monitors and ensures resolution of customer queries timeously.
• Assists with the resolution of operational issues and functionality problems on the different products.
• Undertake annual risk assessments for all card acquiring solutions
• Adhere to an ongoing awareness of the Money Laundering Act and the Code of Banking Practise and any other legislative requirements in order to keep this awareness and training up to date
• Adheres to compliance requirements for card acquiring are met, as well as the management of key risk indicators, used to contain/mitigate operation risks and business continuity management plans.

• Develops and maintains an open communication channel with the team and supports staff to foster greater co-operation and teamwork.
• Monitors and manages the performance and development plan. This includes regular one-on-one sessions, mid-year and final performance appraisals.

• Ensures staff are appropriately and consistently rewarded and recognised for their achievements and outputs.
• Maintain performance dashboards daily and provide feedback.
• Provide team members with recognition and rewards where performance is in line with expectations

Preferred Qualification and Experience

• Degree in Finance, Accounting or related field with 3-4 years banking experience
• Diploma in Finance, Accounting or related field with a minimum of 5 years banking experience
• Valid Driver’s license is mandatory.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Good knowledge of personal market products (especially loan products) and the processes underpinning them.
  • Knowledge and understanding of market segmentation value propositions and customer profiles per micro-market.
  • Knowledge of local competitor tactics, distribution channels and product offerings.
  • Knowledge of the Country sales strategy.
  • Knowledge of sales and service delivery benchmarks and standards.
  • Knowledge of risk management principles, the credit process and lending criteria.
  • Knowledge of the Financial Institutions Act.
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the credit scoring process and lending criteria and the Credit Act and related processes.
  • General knowledge and understanding of financial statements, including application of policies and principles for evaluation and management of the risk associated with lending.
  • Excellent verbal communication, networking and selling skills.
  •  Holder of drivers Licence – minimum code B
  •  Incumbent should own a vehicle

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