Roads Directorate executes routine maintenance of major roads

Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash

With the roads quieter than usual, Roads Directorate has decided now is the right time to fix more of the county’s roads. The traffic has indeed slashed due to the lockdown and regulations for all to stay safe during this pandemic.

Roads Directorate has made the below communication through their social media channels in order to inform the public about the ongoing road works.

In a bid to preserve the road asset and to improve road safety, the Roads Directorate has engaged four contractors to execute routine maintenance on selected sections of major roads in Maseru and Mokhotlong districts.

Work on the following roads in Maseru have commenced;

Main traffic circle to Mazenod (A2), Ha Motšoeneng junction to Ha Mosalla, Thaba-Bosiu (B21)

Mazenod junction to Moshoeshoe I International Airport (B22)

Moshoeshoe Road from main traffic circle to Ha Hoohlo junction (A6)

Kofi Annan Road from Ha Hoohlo junction to Masianokeng junction (A7)

Kingsway Road (A10)

Pioneer Road from Pioneer traffic circle to Lancer’s Inn junction (B70)

Mookoli junction to Lancer’s Gap (B31)

Main traffic Circle to Ha Foso (B311)

Thabong traffic circle to Lakeside junction (B20)

The works programme include routine maintenance, road marking and street lighting operations in Maseru district. Some of the activities that contractors have commenced as part of the routine maintenance are pothole repairs, road shoulder repairs, and drainage repairs, clearing of side drains and grubbing of vegetation on the road shoulders.