Road Fund on Two Weeks Break Following Flu Outbreak


Road Fund Stakeholders are informed that the Fund will proceed on a two weeks break following a flu outbreak, which seemed to be increasing quite rapidly within the Road Fund personnel. The break will commence on July 06, 2020 and full services will resume on July 20, 2020.

The break is in line with COVID 19 protocols, both local and international, which state that people with flu like symptoms should stay at home to avoid infecting others.

Following a recommendation by the Road Fund Management, the Board of Directors resolved to shut down offices for two weeks to enable staff to fully recover from the viral infection. This was also seen as the best precaution in ensuring the safety of the employees in the short and long term.

During the break, the office will be thoroughly fumigated to disinfect the whole premises and a mass testing to all staff will be conducted to ensure that those infected and affected
by the viral infection get treated and will be fully recovered by the time the office reopens on the July 20, 2020.

The Fund will remain functional remotely during the precautionary shutdown period.