Restaurant Manager



Position: Restaurant Manager

At Jays Restaurant we value our customers and the best service we offer to them. As the restaurant grows, we have realized the importance of hiring dedicated professionals with passion that we have and the will to take the restaurant to the higher levels above what we have done so far.

Key Responsibilities:

– Oversee daily restaurant operations, ensuring excellent customer service and dining experiences.

– Assist in managing staff, including training, scheduling, and performance evaluations.

– Plan new and update existing menu

– Develop and implement effective marketing and promotional strategies.

– Hire new employees

– Maintain high standards of food quality, presentation, and safety.

– Handle customer inquiries, concerns, and feedback with professionalism and care.

– Contribute to the development and achievement of financial targets and budgets.

– Foster a positive and productive work environment for the restaurant team.

– Uphold company policies and standards.


– Proven experience in a restaurant management role (experience working at quick service restaurant will be an added advantage)

– Strong leadership and communication skills.

– Exceptional customer service and problem-solving abilities.

– Knowledge of food and beverage operations, including inventory management and cost control.

– Flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends and Holidays.

– A passion for the restaurant industry and dedication to delivering exceptional dining experiences.

How to Apply:

Send your CV to [email protected] on or before October 20, 2023

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