Remote Medical Transcriptionist

Off-site medical transcription services for digital dictation, traditional medical transcription and correction editing services for a Department of Veterans Affairs contract. Must be a Certified Medical Transcriptionist or have three (3) years of recent work experience transcribing physician dictated inpatient medical record reports including but not limited to: History and Physicals, Operative Reports, Consultation Reports, Discharge Summaries, Procedure Reports, and Diagnostic Imaging Reports.

Prior VA transcription experience is desired. Prior VA transcription experience in the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) environment is preferred. Association of American Medical Transcriptionists (AAMT) credentialing preferred. Must go through a period of editing/training.

Must be a U.S. citizen

Background check: transcriptionists will be the subject of a background investigation and must receive a favorable adjudication from the VA Office of Security and Law Enforcement prior to contract performance.

Contract performance will include multiple transcriptionists to cover the following periods: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including Holidays, within prescribed turnaround times (TAT). The TATs are 2, 4, and 24 hours.

Due to security and privacy concerns associated with the sensitive data that is the subject of this contract, all transcription, verification and uploading of reports shall be physically performed in the United States of America.

New hire will transcribe reports utilizing appropriate formats including headers and footers. New hire will also transmit and/or upload completed reports to VA using transmission and batch protocols provided by VA. The dictated material includes highly technical medical terminology, and requires an in-depth, (minimum of three years’ experience), knowledge of specialized vocabularies. Specialized vocabularies shall encompass a variety of subjects in the fields of Medicine and Surgery. Material is dictated by a variety of clinical staff and requires adaptation to variations in accents, speech, tone, voice volume, delivery, pronunciation, enunciation and may require corrections to grammar. The types of reports dictated will vary from facility to facility.

Radiology: position will include off-site medical transcription services for the Radiology Service, as a back-up to the current system if needed, to cover routine and emergency services. Radiology reports require a 24-hour turnaround time.

Pathology: position will include off-site medical transcription services for the Pathology Service, as a back-up to the current system if needed, to cover routine and emergency services.

May required to come to the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, Beckley, West Virginia (VAMC), for on-site orientation and training if needed. The length of training should be a minimum of two (2) days, longer if necessary. Training shall focus on all aspects of the requirement to ensure all personnel are adequately trained and ensure as few problems as possible arise in uploading and other areas. As technical questions arise, VA staff shall assess for content and provide direction.

Will be required to go through a probationary period, during which time; every report transcribed must be proofread and checked for errors by a member of the Contractor’s QA/supervisory/editing staff. The length of time required for this process of editing/training/proofreading shall be determined by our QA/supervisory/editing staff based on the transcriptionists’ ability to transcribe the VAMC reports correctly, including formatting and text content.

Job Type: Part-time

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