Relebohile Grace Tapole: A Phoenix Ascending From The Ashes

Relebohile Grace Tapole

Many people love to talk about how children born in the 2000s are “unruly” and “out of control.” However, whether we like it or not, this generation is hell-bent on confronting the toxic social norms that were a blueprint of living in the past. This generation is hell-bent on cementing an inclusive and prejudice free society.

Most importantly, this generation turns the most simple things into magic. What if I told you that statistics actually indicate that a Gen Z child achieves three times more than the average 30 year old at 16? Don’t believe me?

Allow me to introduce you to Relebohile Grace Tapole. She is a 16 year old Author, Managing Director and a rising Photographer. This 16 year old is a role model and she is far from done with cementing her legacy. She used something as simple as her love for art to not only heal her scars but to find herself in the worst of times.

Ms. Tapole is not your average teenager. She has published a book called Pride Before A Fall. This book was a manifesto of her discovery of her authentic self as well as a place where she healed from the childhood trauma she faced. She reports that she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts at 10 because her entire family’s livelihood was stripped away from her overnight.

“I became an outcast and suddenly had no friends because I was not rich anymore,” she reports.

In the times of her pain, Ms. Tapole realized that she could not openly speak about her emotions. Her pen and paper became her friends and an automated outlet for her pain. Every time the suicidal thoughts came, she poured her heart out on paper through poetry.

As she grew, she learnt to be more vigilant in the type of friends she chose because they had once let her down. Writing her first book was her way of advising teens to be careful of the people they let into their lives.

It was also her reclamation of the power she lost in the times of her pain. Most importantly, she reports that before she published her book, she was gullible, naive and walked with her eyes closed.

“Right now, I am a lot more careful, I am a lot more vigilant, I am stronger and I am able to tap into the 100% version God made me to be.”

When asked how this book changed her, she states, “I have learnt to be kinder to myself and I hope my story touches my fellow age mates.”

Ms. Tapole’s unapologetic expression of her emotions through art has left many in awe.  This book serves as an inspiration to kids who go through hardships. It says, “Hang in there. Do not give up. Incubate yourself in time and express that pain through art.”

Ms. Tapole has set the bar high for many people her age and is undeniably a walking repository of treasure. She owned her story and let her feelings bleed into every word in that book. It is truly inspiring.

Another venture this young girl excels in is her self-owned brand called Epiphany Nail Bar and Cosmetics. She loves nails and decorating them.

As such, she created her very own brand of cosmetics to give women a happy feel when they are out in public. She explains that this was birthed out of her pure love for colorful art.

Finally yet importantly, this author and Managing Director is also an uprising photographer. She takes the most aesthetic pictures you will ever find. They are not just ordinary pictures but they give you the perfect feeling of real life. SHE. IS. BRILLIANT!

When asked what her message to the youth is, her answer was thus; “Do not be afraid to achieve. Stay focused on your goals and put God first in everything that you do.”

I have laid my case. All I can say is that Relebohile Grace Tapole is a one of a kind teenager. She is not afraid to achieve and do the best she can.

She has undeniably set the bar high for our youth and it is worth reinforcing that she is only 16! She is indeed is a rising phoenix and it is commendable that the current under her wings is art-which she undeniably turned to MAGIC!

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Below is one of her poems,

Oh how I wish life was gentle;

As gentle as when drizzle descends to the earth

on a summer day,

But I have learnt,

The hard way need I add,

That it is only so gentle,

When the dues of hard work are paid,

Sadly not many persist,

To that beautiful point,

When there’s a possibility of gentility in life,

And that is the truth not many want to hear.


Grace is an uprising youth activist who uses her voice to inspire and inform. She has worked internationally as the Deputy Secretary General with Model UN Impact. This is where she advocated for youth inclusivity in the implementation of the SDGs and further launched projects such as PHAHAMA MOSALI. She is currently the youngest SDGs Ambassador for the internationally renowned Global Citizens Innovative Solutions SDGs Challenge.