Public Hearings on WASCO Application for Tariffs Adjustment for 2018-19



In May 2018, the Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) announced to  the Urban Water and Sewerage Services (UWSS) stakeholders and the public that, WASCO has filed a tariff application for a review of electricity services tariffs for the Financial Year 2018/19. This application is in line with Section 24 of the LEA Act, as amended. WASCO holds a composite license issued in terms of Section 50 of the Lesotho Electricity Authority Act no. 12 of 2002 (LEA Act), as amended.

The application and tariff drivers that WASCO cites therein:

WASCO submitted a tariff adjustment application of 12% on both Domestic Volumetric and Standing Charges on 08th May 2018. WASCO further requested a 15% adjustment for non-Domestic Volumetric and Standing Charges. WASCO stated that Volumetric and Standing Charges for public standpipes and Band A customers would remain at 2017-18 levels. The Company proposed a Revenue Requirement of M269.97 million which comprised M 234.36 million for water services and M 34.61 million for sewerage services.

WASCO has stated the following as the main components of the 2018/19 Revenue Requirement:

Item Projected cost in Million Maloti
Manpower 123.69
Power 38.05
Chemical Usage 8.31
Reticulation and plant maintenance  10.36
Water and Sewerage connections 9.44
Depreciation 20.80


Copies of the application are still available from LEWA offices and website: .  Other copies are at the District Administrators’ offices.

Invitation for public hearings

In accordance with Section 24(6) of the Act, as amended the ESI stakeholders and general public are invited to participate at public hearings which are scheduled as indicated below:

Date Venue Time
02 July 2018 Quthing: Hillsview Guest House 09:00 am
05 July 2018 Butha-Buthe: Crocodile Inn 09:00 am
09 July 2018 Maseru: Victoria Hotel 09:00 am


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