Provision of cleaning services




  1. The Government, acting through the Lesotho Millennium Development Agency – LMDA (“the Client”), intends to apply Government of Lesotho (GoL) funds to eligible payments under the Contract for which this Letter of Invitation (LOI) is issued. Payment by GoL will be made only at the request of Lesotho Millennium Development Agency, and will be subject, in all respects, to the provisions of the MCA-Lesotho Authority Act No. 1 of 2008 as amended by MCA-Lesotho Authority Act (Continuation) notice No. 151 of 2013, including any restrictions on the use of GoL Funding and conditions for the disbursements.
  • LMDA invites service providers to submit proposals (Technical and Financial) for provision of Cleaning Services at LMDA Headquaters. More details on the services are provided in the terms of reference (TOR) found in section I of the Invitation to Quote (ITQ)
  • The ITQ is restricted to service providers which are entities registered in Lesotho and have majority shareholding of 70 percent or above of shareholders who are of Lesotho descent.


5 percent margin of preference for each category indicated below will be granted on the procurement of goods, works and services to bidders which are entities registered in Lesotho and have shareholders of Lesotho descent who fall within the following vulnerable groups:

  1. 5% Women; and
  2. 5% youth of 35 years or below at the time of bid submission; and
  3. 5% people with disability; and
  4. 5% where the bidder is a Small Medium Enterprises by virtue of its annual turnover of less than M100 000.00 per annum at the time of submission of bids;

Failure to meet the preferential treatment criteria shall lead to bidder forfeiting maximum of 20% of margin of preference.

Service Providers must provide proof of registration (certified at source) as business entities in Lesotho, provide, as part of the data for qualification, such information, including full official details of ownership and shareholding of the bidder; valid documents showing birth of origin of the bidder and or shareholders; valid identity documents of the shareholders; and proof of residence of the shareholders, tax clearance (from source) and proof of authorization of the signatories who will submit proposals on behalf of the Service Provider.

Partial submission of proof of the above documents may require clarification

  • The terms of Reference (TOR) for Provision of Cleaning Services at LMDA HQ are presented in Section I of the Invitation to Quote (ITQ) More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference (TOR) to be obtained from the address mentioned in paragraph 9 below.      
  • The service provider must quote for the complete service. The cleaning provider’s quotation not quoting for the complete service will be considered incomplete and thus commercially non-responsive during the evaluation process.
  • Site Visit is non-Compulsory. However, Service providers who wish to undertake site visit to familiarize themselves with the location (LMDA Offices, Post Office Building, 5th floor) where services are required, are welcome to do so. The service providers who choose to conduct site visit should request (via email refer to paragraph 9 below) in order to obtain access to the facility.
  • compulsory pre-proposal meeting in the form of audio presentation shall be held on April 16th, 2021 at 12:00 am the connection details (Links) to the presentation will be shared by emails to all service providers who have shown interest by email indicating their desire to participate in the pre-proposal meeting presentations. LMDA shall either verify through electronic means or email communication that the prospective service providers have participated in the pre-proposal meeting by listening to the audio. The Links to the audio presentations will be shared on or before date of the pre-proposal meeting. .
  • The quotation must be submitted as per the requirements listed in Section I (Terms of References). Also, note the TOR’s can be accessed from LMDA website and can be collected from the address mentioned in paragraph 9 below.
  • Additional information may be obtained at the addresses (email) below:

Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA)

Att.: Chief Financial Officer, LMDA

5th Floor, Post Office Building

Kingsway Road

Maseru 100


Tel: +266 22317017

E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected] with a copy to: [email protected]

The Bidder should submit their bank account details with their quotation.

  1. The deadline for submission of quotations at the address indicated above (paragraph 8) is: April 23, 2021 at 15:00, Lesotho Local Time. Bidders may request clarifications/questions regarding the ITQ up to April 19th, 2021 at 15:00 Lesotho Local time. The LMDA will respond to clarifications requested/questions by April 20th, 2021. A link for submission of bids will be sent to prospective bidders who will be found to have listened to the compulsory pre-proposal meeting
  2. LMDA staff, LMDA Board of Directors, Government Officials, civil servants (Individuals and Entities in which they have shareholding or they are partners) are not permitted to tender or participate as bidders and as key personnel for the bidder under this LOI”