Provision of Cleaning Services at 6 hospitals and 45 health centres








The Government, acting through the Lesotho Millennium Development Agency – LMDA (“the Client”), intends to apply Government of Lesotho (GoL) funds to eligible payments under the Contract for which this Letter of Invitation (LOI) is issued. Payment by GoL will be made only at the request of Lesotho Millennium Development Agency, and will be subject, in all respects, to the provisions of the MCA-Lesotho Authority Act No. 1 of 2008 as amended by MCA-Lesotho Authority Act (Continuation) notice No. 151 of 2013, including any restrictions on the use of GoL Funding and conditions for the disbursements.

This Letter of Invitation (LOI) is restricted to Service Providers who are entities registered in Lesotho and have minimum majority shareholding of 70 percent. The majority shareholders constituting 70% should be Basotho of Lesotho descent.

The LMDA invites Service Providers to submit proposals (Technical and Financial) for Provision of Cleaning Services at Six (6) Hospitals and Forty – five (45) Health Centres. More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference (TOR) found in Section I of the Letter of Invitation (LOI).

The Service provider may only be awarded up to a maximum of three contracts across LMDA maintenance programme.    The award of contracts shall be based on the contractor’s capacity to implement all the awarded contracts all at the same time and within the durations stipulated thereon. 

The requirement is packaged into twenty-three (23) Lots. More details are provided in the Terms of Reference found in section I of the LOI.

Service Providers are required to submit financial proposal in Maloti using the proposal submission form provided in Section II B of the LOI. The technical proposal must include a brief proposed technical approach, methodology and work plan for undertaking the assignment.

A Compulsory pre-proposal meeting shall be held on August 28, 2020 at 14:00 hours, (Lesotho Local Time). The pre-proposal meeting will be in the form of audio presentations. The connection details to the presentation will be shared by emails to all Service Providers that have shown interest by email indicating their desire to participate in the presentation. LMDA shall verify either through electronic means or by email communication that the prospective Service Providers have participated in the pre – proposal meeting by listening to the audio.  Link to the audio will be shared on the date of the pre-proposal meeting on August 28, 2020. A prospective Service Provider who will be found not to have listened to the audio will be excluded from further processes in the procurement. Further clarifications on the audio presentation shall be send as part of clarifications.

Sites Visit is non-Compulsory. However, Service Providers who want to undertake sites visit to familiarise themselves with the locations of the Health Facilities where services are required can do so. Locations and districts of the facilities corresponding to the respective lots are shown in Section I of the LOI under TOR.The Service Providers who choose to conduct site visit should request (via email, refer to paragraph 14 below) a letter of introduction from LMDA in order to obtain access to the facilities. The Service Providers shall bear the costs of the site visits.

Public Bid opening will not take place due to precaution in accordance with COVID-19 safety procedures

The Service Provider may request clarification on any aspect of this LOI, at the address indicated below, on or before September 04, 2020. Request for clarification will not be accepted after this date. The Client shall respond to your request for clarification no later than September 11, 2020.

The deadline for submission of proposals is September, 22, 2020 at 12:00 mid-day (Lesotho Local Time). A Link for submission of proposals will be sent to Prospective Service Provider on or before September 21, 2020 who will be found to have listened to the compulsory pre-proposal meeting audio. Annex IX found in Section II B of the LOI outlines steps to follow when submitting the proposals. Service Providers must submit their proposals in PDF, JPG and TIFF formats with a signed covering letter for both financial and technical submissions together with at least one of the following signature, and/or letterhead on every page of the financial proposal. Service Providers must also submit signed power of attorney or a letter from a company authorising a person to sign and submit the proposal on behalf of the Service Provider. Only electronic submissions through the link will be accepted. The proposals shall be in English. The proposal should   be downloadable and easy to open. LMDA shall not be responsible for a proposal that cannot be downloaded and such proposal will be rejected. Service Providers must indicate to LMDA by email on the addresses in paragraph 14 below before the proposal submission deadline that it has submitted the proposal through the link referred to above.

The Client is not bound to accept Service Provider`s proposals and may cancel the procurement process at any time without providing any justification.

“LMDA staff, LMDA Board of Directors, Government Officials, civil servants (Individuals and Entities in which they have shareholding or they are partners) are not permitted to tender or participate as Service Providers and as key personnel for the bidder under this LOI.”

The Service Providers who are blacklisted with LMDA are not allowed to participate in any manner in this LOI.

Additional information may be obtained at the emails below:

Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA)

5th Floor, Post Office Building,

Kingsway Road

Maseru, Lesotho

Tel:            +266 22317017

E-mail:[email protected] with a copy to: [email protected] and [email protected]