Provision of Accommodation services on monthly basis for 2020/2021



NUMBER: 5 OF 2019/2020

Department of Pensions in the Ministry of Finance is mandated to administer on monthly basis payments of Old Age Pensioners effectively, efficiently and timeously throughout ten districts of Lesotho. The Ministry is therefore bound to procure accommodation services for both Pensions Officers who actually carry out cash payments and members of Lesotho Defence Force who provide security.

The Ministry of Finance invites tenders from interested local registered companies -Hotels/Guest Houses to tender for the Provision of Accommodation services on monthly basis for the financial year 2020/2021.

Bidders are expected to come from the following seven regions: Berea, Mafeteng, Mohales Hoek, Quthing, Qache’s Nek, Mokhotlong and Thaba-Tseka

The Tender document is obtainable from procurement Unit 2nd Floor, Room

2005 during working hours from 0900hrs to 1600hrs. Bidders must purchase a copy of the tender document at a non-refundable fee of M2000.00. The procedure for obtaining the document is as follows:

Payment of the bid document must be made at 2nd Floor Room 2010 (Finance Accounts). The receipt issued must be taken to the office of Procurement Unit Room 2005 where the document will be issued.

Any tender that does not reflect a copy of a valid receipt issued by Accounts section of the Ministry of Finance will be considered null and void and automatically disqualified


a) Copy of original receipt for the ITT document.

b) Company Profile

c) Correct number of responses (one original and four copies)

d) Copy of Tax Clearance and Traders license certified at source

e) Audited Financial statements for the last two years (2017&2018)

f) Copy of Food Handling certificates

g) Include VAT in tender price

All Tenderers should deposit one original and four copies of the bids, which should be deposited in the tender box at the Finance House, 3rd Floor, Government Complex not later than Tuesday, 3 December,2019 on or before 1200hrs. Tenders will be opened in the presence of Tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend at 1430hrs on the same day (Tuesday, 3 December, 2019) at 3rd Floor, Ministry of Finance Tender Board Room

Tenders should be clearly marked “Tender number 5 of 2019/2020 Provision of Accommodation services to the Ministry of Finance ( Pensions unit)”

2. Validity of Bids

Tenders must be valid for 90 days from the date of opening.

3. Contact Details

Tenders must bear full name and address (email, physical and postal addresses) of the company, full name of contact person for this tender, his/her telephone numbers (both landline and mobile) and email address.

4. Additional Information or Clarification

Additional Information or Clarification of the tender may be requested from the address below until the 25th November, 2019, after which no more information/clarification will be provided

Physical/Postal address

Procurement Unit

P.O Box 395, Maseru

2nd Floor Finance House, Room 2004/5

Contact Person:

Mr Motolo Mandoro – Procurement Manager

Tel. 22315318/ Cell:59465929


Mokhant’so Molopo (Ms)

Procurement Office

2nd Floor Finance House, Room 2004/5

Tel: 22320169


‘Malerato Khalikane/ (Ms)

Procurement Office

2nd Floor Finance House, Room 2004/5

Tel: 22320169

This tender will be awarded by the Ministry of Finance Tender Panel. Bidders must however, note that awarding of this tender will be subject to an agreed contract

The Ministry also reserves the right to cancel the tenders before submission/opening OR postpone the tender submission/opening dates and to accept/reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons thereof. The Ministry is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid