Proposed Lesotho Electricity Company Assets management Project


• Assets management Project
• BID REF: LEC/PO-1068/2022/2023
• Deadline: 12 August 2022

The Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) invites proposals to provide the following consulting services (hereinafter called “Services”): Proposed Lesotho Electricity Company Assets management Project. The objective of the exercise is to:
• Develop policy & strategy for Asset management,
• Capture information on LEC assets and have an accurate and up to date asset register,
• Establish an asset management system in accordance with ISO 55000.

Additional detail on the Services to be provided in the Terms of Reference (Section 5). Any interested Consultants are hereby invited to submit technical and financial proposals for consulting services at the address given below.

A firm will be selected under Quality and Cost Based Selections (QCBS) procedures and in a Full Technical Proposal (FTP). To obtain first-hand information on the Assignment and on the local conditions, the Consultants are encouraged to pay a visit to LEC before submitting a proposal and attend a pre-proposal conference as specified in the Data sheet. Your representative shall meet the officials named in the Data sheet. You must fully inform yourself, through reading the instructions to consultants and the data sheet, of local conditions, including tax laws, and take them into account in preparing your proposals.

LEC shall provide the inputs specified in the Data sheet, assist the Consultants in obtaining licenses and permits needed to carry out the services and make available relevant project data and reports.
Proposals shall be valid for a period of ninety (90) days after Proposals Opening. Proposals must be delivered to the address given below at or before 14h15 on the 12th August, 2022.

There will be a compulsory pre-bid meeting on the 26th July, 2022 at LEC headquarters Maseru Training Center at 10:00hrs.

Electronic bidding shall NOT be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened physically in the presence of the bidders’ representatives, who choose to attend in person at the address given below. All proposals must be sealed and clearly labelled “Proposed Lesotho Electricity Company Assets Management Project.” Further note that this RFP can be freely accessible from the emails mentioned below while the participation fee which is non-refundable is M2,000-00 (Two Thousand Maloti). All the details pertaining to payments will be available in the Data Sheet.

The Procurement Manager
Lesotho Electricity Company (Pty) Ltd
53 Moshoeshoe Road
Industrial Area, Maseru 100
Telephone: (+266) 2231 2236 / (+266) 5227 2219
E-mail: [email protected][email protected][email protected]

Please note:
1. The costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating the contract, including a visit to LEC, are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the Assignment; and
2. LEC is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.