Project Consultant


Project Consultant, ReNoka Lesotho

Who we are: We are an advisory and research organization focused on advancing and applying behavioral science in the Global South, in pursuit of poverty alleviation. We work with organizations to build behaviorally-informed solutions to help scale their products, programs, and policies. Our rigorous approach to experimentation has generated impact in a broad range of fields from financial inclusion to health and early childhood development.

ReNoka Project Summary

ReNoka is an ongoing government-led national Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) programme in Lesotho that aims to rehabilitate degraded watersheds across the country and to put in place prevention measures that will halt the further degradation of Lesotho’s catchment areas. To support this ICM programme, Busara is working closely with partners involved to develop, implement and evaluate a suitable behavior change and advocacy strategy. The goal is to measurably raise awareness and effect behavioural changes of relevant target groups to protect land and water resources in Lesotho and the wider Orange-Senqu basin. Over the course of three years, this behavior change strategy aims to directly address attitudes among the population, such as individuals’ personal or cultural values towards the protection of natural resources, with an emphasis on incentives, such as economic gains or improved livelihood opportunities.

Objective of the Assignment

Busara is seeking a Project Consultant, based in Lesotho, to support this project for an estimated period of 2 years with the possibility of extension.

The consultant will work on the ReNoka project on a full-time basis and will be Busara’s primary local project manager, liaison, coordinator, and presence throughout this project’s duration. The consultant will work as part of a larger project team composed of other full-time staff based in the Kenya and India Busara offices, and will be expected to have a high level of self-motivation and energy, an optimistic “can-do” attitude, and strong analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills.

The consultant is expected to have a deep understanding of the social, cultural, and political context in Lesotho, and be fluent and comfortable coordinating and conducting primary research in Sesotho and English. They should have research and project management experience, and be willing (COVID and other health and safety restrictions permitting) to travel to conduct primary research in a variety of settings across Lesotho. 

The consultant should be prepared to dedicate at least 30 hours per week to project activities, be based in Lesotho, and expect occasional travel (20-25% of the time) within Lesotho.


  • Effectively manage and grow relationships with the client and consortium partners
  • Plan, manage and execute all project activities from start to finish with limited supervision
  • Organize and coordinate periodic steering group meetings in order to discuss project progress; record and follow up on the execution of agreed action points
  • Work closely with different Busara Projects staff to ensure research content and process contextualisation as may be required
  • Work closely with Nairobi-based Operations and Lab staff to plan logistics for field operations, data collection, and data quality assurance
  • Lead large-scale field data collection in coordination with other consortium partners
  • Prepare and present project deliverables to relevant stakeholders, including the government
  • Ensure that core project functions including internal and external coordination, financial oversight and compliance; M&E, client liaison, communication activities, and reporting, among others are carried out in a timely and effective manner.
  • Participate in stakeholder capacity strengthening workshops 
  • Contribute to project on-boarding and off-boarding for knowledge management

Required Qualifications

  • Fluency in Sesotho and good communication and writing skills in English and Sesotho
  • Based in Lesotho (Busara will not reimburse moving expenses)
  • Willing to travel (COVID and other health and safety permitting) to other regions of Lesotho. (All travel done on behalf of Busara will be reimbursed)
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Social Sciences, Social Work, Public Administration, Communication, Public Policy, or related fields. Knowledge about environmental science and catchment management would be a plus.
  • 4-6 years’ previous work experience in a related field
  • Experience managing research and consulting projects
  • Experience managing high-level relationships with partner organizations
  • Experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research
  • Flexible, self-motivated, able to manage multiple tasks efficiently and a team player

Desired Qualifications

  • Graduate degree in a social science field
  • Interest and experience working in a fast-paced working environment
  • Experience with behavioral science/behavioral economics
  • Knowledge and interest in environmental sustainability, public policy, community development, or other relevant sector

Duties of Busara

  • The Busara Project Manager (PM) will provide overall clarification on expectations and technical support as required.
  • Busara will provide contextual information required 
  • Busara will reimburse any necessary travel expenses, and other pre-qualified expenses that the consultant undertakes on behalf of the project

Duties of the Consultant

  • Operate  from own office  other  than  in  exceptional  situations  and  provide  own manpower, work   facilities,   equipment,   stationery,   supplies, and   all   operational requirements to carry out the assignment and provide the services required; 
  • Deliver high-quality service within the agreed timelines.
  • Liaise with the PM on a regular basis to report progress, and report any  issues  and/or  concerns  that  may  affect the performance of the consultancy in the course of the assignment


Consultants will be pre-qualified to provide services in the areas identified and thereafter be engaged on a need basis. As this is a consulting position, it comes without a guarantee of full-time employment position within Busara.

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