Programme Manager


The Rural Health Advocacy Project is a leading health advocacy organisation based in Johannesburg, advocating for equitable access to quality health care for rural communities in the whole of South Africa. Informed by the voices of rural Health Care Workers (HCWs) and communities on the ground, partner organisations, stakeholders and primary and secondary research, RHAP uses its urban-based access to decision-makers to conduct advocacy, generate debate, monitor implementation of health policies in rural areas, support pro-equity government interventions, and influence decision-making that is in tune with rural realities. While small in size, RHAP is large in reach through its innovative programmes and strategic partnerships and networks across the country. 

 RHAP’s seeks to appoint a Programme Manager to be based in Johannesburg.

Main purpose of the job: To lead RHAP’s health systems and policy work, with an emphasis on health financing, food policy and health system reform under National Health Insurance (NHI).

 Employment Type:10 Months Contract

Key performance areas:
Lead RHAP’s analysis of national, provincial and district health budgets.
Allocation processes/ formulas and the development of RHAP health financing positions and build stakeholder support for RHAP’s positions
Participate on national/provincial/district technical committees as needed.
Strengthen and maintain strong working relationships with national Treasury and Budget Justice Coalition.
Convene a seminar series with health financing experts to review health financing research and models; generate policy ideas & recommendations for equitable health financing; & communicate/ disseminate learnings & recommendations to stakeholders.
Support and inform the development of relevant communications deliverables, e.g. press releases, oped’s, media interviews.
Rural-proof the regulations for the front of package label campaign & incorporate learnings/ recommendations into the broader food policy coalition.
Support and inform economic analyses on the HPL.
Co-develop & implement a 2-3-year policy strategy to increase the HPL.
Participate in food policy coalition meetings.
Meet with relevant government stakeholders; educate & inform on RHAP’s positions.
Support and inform the development of relevant communications deliverables, e.g. press releases, oped’s, media interviews
RHAP NHI policy submissions
Analyse/assess the President’s District Coordination Model; develop recommendations & a RHAP position.
Identify, document and share key COVID-19 health system best practices to incorporate/inform health system reform.
Educate and train RHAP staff members on key health financing, budgeting and policy issues.
Train civil society partners at the national and community-level on health budgets and prioritization
Facilitate/support the development of TORs or sourcing of consultants (e.g. Researchers, Specialists) to support special projects

Required minimum education and training:
Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; Advanced degree in a relevant area such as public health, public policy, management or economics is preferred.
Desirable additional education, work experience and personal abilities:
An activist health systems researcher with an interest in advocacy and rural health equity.
Understanding of the South African health system and the rural health context, and an interest in using health reform to advance rural health equity.
Good interpersonal skills and ability to work/connect with diverse culture/contexts.
Entrepreneurial mind-set, including ability to work independently, self-motivate, and propose and implement new initiatives.
High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
Knowledge of and experience in public finance/health economics is an advantage.
Experience working with national, provincial or district health services is an advantage.
Knowledge of and experience in advanced analytics is an advantage.

Required minimum work experience:
Minimum 2 years’ experience.
Should you be interested in applying for this vacancy, please send an email to [email protected] 

The subject heading of the email must read RHAP_PM and the job title of position applying for. 

Please include the following documentation:
A cover letter (maximum one page) that clearly states which vacancy you are applying for
A detailed CV