Production Technician at Ministry of Education and Training


Applications  are  invited  from  suitably  qualified  local  candidates  for  the following  positions  tenable  in  the  Ministry  of  Education  and  Training:



GRADE : G  (M  177192.00  -210  792.00  P/A)


Job  Summary

The  incumbent  will  report  to  the  Manager  –  Quality  Assurance.   She/he  will manage  the  centre  and  ensure  adequate  supply  of  equipment,  machinery and  tools.    She/he  is  also  responsible  for  provision  of  advice  on  proper specifications  in  order  to  improve  teaching  and  learning  of  technical  subjects and  oversees  the  general  functioning  of  materials  supply  centre.    Also prepares  examinations  materials  for  practical  subjects,  trains  teaching  staff on  use  of  teaching  aids  and  models  and  conducts  facility  needs  assessment in  the  training  provided.


Main  Duties:

  1. Manages and   maintains   equipment,   machinery   and   tools  in   good
    working  condition.
  2. Supervises auxiliary  staff  that  may  be  attached  to  the  materials  supply
  3. Receives, registers  and  processes  order  from  schools  and  disperses  them
  1. Reconciles payment    done       at       MOET       Central    Accounts       with orders/receipts  in  accordance  with  Financial  Regulations.
  1. Ensures regular   ordering   of  materials,   tools   and   machinery   from
    supplies  to  ensure  adequate  stock  of  supplies.
  2. Keeps inventory  of  stock,   equipment,  tools  and  machine  parts  and
    ensures  that  there  are  no  irregularities.
  3. Prepares and  processes  materials/consumables  for  sale  as  per  orders
    from  schools.
  4. Prepares teaching   kits   for  Junior   Certificate   Woodwork  and   Basic
    handicrafts  and  as  well  as  COSC  woodwork  and  metalwork  and  trade testing  materials.
  1. Promotes products  to  maximize  consumption  of  stock.
  2. Develops specification   for   tools,   machinery   and   equipment   for
    Secondary  Technical  Schools,  and  TVET  institutions.
  3. Prepares teaching  aids  and  models  for  secondary  schools  and  WET
  4. Conducts training  workshops  for  teachers  on  preparation  of  teaching
    aids  and  models.
  5. Visits schools  for  inspection  of  teaching  resources  and  collecting  and
    analyzing  data.
  6. Promotes resources  and  services  in  the  center.
  7. Carries out  any  duties  related  to  the  operations  of  the  materials  supply
    center  as  may  be  assigned  by  the  supervisor  from  time  to  time.
  8. Conducts facility  needs  for  practical  subjects  in  secondary  schools  and
    WET  institutions.


Job  Specification

Master’s   degree   in   Technical   Education   from   a   recognized   Training Institution


Bachelor’s  degree  in  Mechanical  Engineering  from  a  recognized  Training Institution  PLUS  three (3)  years  working  experience  in  teaching  Technical subjects.


Added  Advantage

Additional   qualification   in   the   development   of   teaching   and   learning materials

Knowledge,  Skills  and  Abilities

  • Ability to  work  with  people
  • Ability to  work  under  pressure
  • Ability to  solve  problems  or  conflict  management  skills.
  • Decision making  skills.
  • Ability to  repair  and  maintain  machines  to  be  in  good  working  order.
  • Possession of  technical  knowledge  and  understanding  of  WET  and
    secondary  school  system  in  Lesotho.
  • Report writing  skills.
  • Result oriented  with  sound  business  acumen.
  • Knowledge of  health  and  safety  regulations.


Applications on the relevant forms G.P. 104 for serving officers and G.P. 103 for job seekers, duly accompanied by certified copies of educational certificates, performance appraisal forms transcripts, diplomas etc. must be addressed to:

The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Education and Training
P. O. Box 47
Maseru – 100

Not later than 23rd August, 2018