Procurement Officer at Ministry of Finance







The Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho and Development Partners (World Bank, European Union and African Development Bank) have agreed financing toward the cost of implementing the Public Sector Reforms. The Public Finance Management Reform Secretariat (PFMRS) is responsible for day-to-day monitoring, coordination and support of the implementation of the Public Sector Reform projects; Public Sector Modernisation Project (PSMP) and the Public Finance Management Reform Project (PFMRP). The modality for project implementation will consist of a blended approach which combines technical assistance to provide hands-on support as well as knowledge expertise. The Public Sector Modernistion Project is organized into four components, deemed critical to achieve the Project Development Objectives (PDO). The components are: (i) Strategic Planning and Fiscal Management; (ii) Strengthening Human Resources Management; (iii) Improving Statistical capacities; and, (iv) Strategic Implementation Support. The Public Finance Management Reform Project is organized into eight components deemed critical to strengthen Public Finance system for GoL. The components are: (i) Modern PFM regulatory framework implemented (ii) Transparency and effectiveness of policy orientation of the budget assured, (iii) Cash flow forecasts a major determinant of internal debt and financial investment (iv) Internal Controls ensure strengthened
operational efficiency and effectiveness (v) Accounting and fiscal reporting fully compliant with the regulatory framework and accounting standards (vi) Public Procurement aligns with international best practice in efficiency and transparency, (vii) External audit and oversight compliant with INTOSAI standards (ISSAI), (viii) Governance and institutional management of PFM reforms improved to facilitate ownership, monitoring and evaluation of progress.

The Ministry of Finance invites suitably qualified and highly motivated, action oriented
Lesotho nationals for the positions depicted below:

Job Summary:
The objective of the assignment is to recruit a procurement Officer with required experience to: i) manage and carry out the procurement activities required for implementation of the Project in accordance with the Project’s covenant documents such as the Financing Agreement, the World Bank and African Development Bank Procurement Rules & procedures, among others; and (ii) set up a procurement system; and (iii) build the procurement capacity of the project implementation team in order to ensure long-term sustainability of the project outcomes. This will ensure adequate hand-holding and capacity development/transfer, by supporting and guiding the end-users in the preparation of good quality ToRs, technical specifications, standard bidding documents, etc.

Main Duties
1. Management
1.0 Promotes best practice in procurement throughout the project;
1.1 Coordinates the development of the Procurement Procedures as part of the Operating Procedures Manual and review all procurement processes for compliance with policy;
1.2 Prepares high quality tender documentation in accordance with the Procurement
Operating Procedures Manual;
1.3 Ensures effective contract management procedures to ensure timely delivery of
high-quality products and services.
1.4 Maintains proficiency in computerized purchasing/business systems; be literate
and functional with Microsoft Office, Word and Excel;
2. Budgeting
2.0 Assists in the preparation and management of the component budgets and the
overall Annual Work Plan Budgets;
2.1 Closely controls procurement budgets, negotiating with suppliers and service
providers, ensure that delivery schedules and standards are met;
2.2 Monitors, controls, amends as required and report on the procurement budget
(of Components and of Annual Work Plans);
3. Purchasing
3.0 Analyzes trends in vendor/service/commodity pricing and sales activity to
determine correct timing of purchases;
3.2 Develops sourcing strategies and manage the sourcing and purchasing of goods
and services for the project according to the approved Procurement Plan in
STEP and according to available budgets for each component, in liaison with
the relevant Component Leader;
3.3 Reviews tenders and bids in accordance with the Procurement Operating
Procedures Manual;
3.4 Maintains accurate purchase order prices and vendor cataloging;
3.5 Issues purchase orders and ensure appropriate acceptance of supplies/services;
3.6 verifies accuracy of computerized purchasing records;
3.7 Updates Procurement Plan in STEP
3.8 Leads evaluation of tenders for procurement of goods and services
3.9 Compiles Evaluation Reports
4. Supplier Relationships
4.0 Manages procurement supplier relationships;
4.1 keeps all supplier programs current and accurate;
4.2 Continuously monitors, evaluates and improves supplier performance;
4.3 Resolves disputes and claims with vendors/suppliers or service providers;

Job specifications
Education and Experience
Master’s Degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.
Master’s Degree in Business Management/Administration/BABE/BCOM Management/ Marketing
Honors Degree in Business Management/Administration/BABE/BCOM Management/ Marketing
with at least (1) year experience in project procurement management. Knowledge of procurement
procedures of the African Development or World Bank will be essential
Knowledge of STEP will be an added advantage
Honors Degree/level 6 in purchasing & supply chain management with at least (2) years in project
procurement management. Knowledge of procurement procedures of the African Development or
World Bank will be essential
Knowledge of STEP will be an added advantage
Bachelor’s Degree in Purchasing and Supply, Business Management/Administration/ BABE/BCOM Management/ Marketing plus Foundation Diploma in Purchasing and Supply with at least two (3) years in project procurement management. Knowledge of procurement procedures of the African
Development or World Bank will be essential
Knowledge of STEP will be an added advantage

Applications must be accompanied by a detailed CV, certified copies of Educational certificates and 2 reference letters. Applications must be submitted to The Ministry of Finance Human Resources Office (Room 3023) on or before 16:30 of 28th November 2019.