Pre-qualification for suppliers for goods and services



Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association (LPPA) invites sealed bids from all eligible companies/ businesses for pre-qualification for supply of goods and services for the year 2021 for the following categories:


  1. Stationery – General Office Stationery, educational Supplies, toners, cartridges, etc.
  2.  Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Computers, computer accessories/consumables peripherals and Printers.
  3. General Equipment – Kitchenware, Air Conditioners, Generators, refrigerators, prefabricated structures, etc.
  4. General Office Furniture/ Equipment
  5. Corporate Clothing, Uniforms, Protective Clothing, Safety Shoes and gear
  6. Medical, Health Care Equipment, Hygiene, Toiletries, and Pharmaceutical Supplies.


  1. Logistics Services– Clearing Forwarding, Road Transportation and Courier Services
  2. Provision of Legal Services
  3. Provision of Travel Agency and Air Ticketing Services, Airport transfers, Hotel, Accommodation and Catering Services.
  4. Provision of Vehicle Hire, Taxi Services, Transport Services.
  5. Provision of Security Services, alarm system, equipment and maintenance.
  6. Provision of cleaning services– Includes Cleaning surroundings, gardening, offices, carpets, etc.
  7. Provision of professional services, includes architectural, property valuers, etc.
  8. Electrical works, Plumbing, general repairs and maintenance, etc.
  9. Design and Printing (incl. Diaries, calendars, reports, letterheads, business and Christmas cards, certificates, banners, flyers etc.).
  10. Advertising

                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO BIDDERS

 Pre-qualification applications should be accompanied by the following:

  • Company Profile
  • Office physical address (must include proof of office existence, as lease/ sub-lease agreement)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Valid Trading License
  • VAT Registration where applicable
  • Valid tax clearance certificate
  • References from 3 reputable company clients
  • Three (3) months bank statement

Companies are not allowed to bid for more than two categories of business.

Sealing and Marking of Documents·  

All documents should be well bound together into one document per          nature of business.·   Properly completed bid documents enclosed in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “pre-qualification for provision of (nature of business),” and addressed to: –Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association, Pope John Paul II Road, P.O Box 340, Maseru 100, LesothoIf the envelope is not sealed and marked as required, the Tender Committee will assume no responsibility for the tender’s misplacement or premature opening.       

Deadline for Submission of Sealed bids Documents:

Must be submitted to LPPA Offices, in the accounts office, no later than 12th March 2021 at 3.00 pm. Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association reserves the right to accept or reject any application and is not bound to give reasons for its decision. Tenders submitted later than the 12th March 2021 at 4.00 pm will not be considered. The Association may, at its discretion, extend this deadline for the submission of tenders by amending the tender documents, in which case all rights and obligations of the Tender Committee and candidates previously subject to the deadline, will thereafter be subject to the deadline as extended.