Porous borders are a challenge during COVID-19


As COVID-19 cases increase in the neighboring Republic of South Africa, many Basotho continue to come to Lesotho through different porous borders, thus posing a serious challenge to their lives and the rest of the community.

Since June 10, 2020 to date a total of 141 Basotho from South Africa arrived through different porous borders and this imply that thousands of Basotho are already in the country through these means. Therefore, National Emergency Command Centre (NECC) appeals to the nation to report to the nation to report the presence of these people so that they can be screened against COVID-19.

Over and above that, NECC also urges the nation to be cautious and uphold safety protocols such as washing hands with soap regularly so as to minimize the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, recent World Health Organization (WHO) reports on COVID-19 have shown that there are 76 334 registered cases in South Africa, there are 42 063 recoveries as well as a total of 1 625 fatalities.