Peer Educator x2


Disabled and HIV/AIDS Organization Lesotho (DHAOL) is a non-governmental organization aimed at providing comprehensive care and support to people affected and infected by HIV and persons with disabilities and also to create an enabling environment of society free from all types of exploitation, stigmatization and discrimination of HIV and TB using human rights approach.

DHAOL Seeks to appoint 2 competent Peer Educators to be Based at DHAOL Offices Maseru

Key responsibilities peer educators:
• Establishing good relationships with the MSM and TGs at different hot spots
• Provide health education sessions to other female sex workers at the Resource center and different hot spots/zones, on the following topics, (HIV and AIDS, TB, PrEP, PEP, STIs, HIV Self Testing, GBV, Condom use).
• Conduct project activities through implementation of IPC Model.
• Conduct Micro planning exercise through implementation of 3 CP Model.
• Create demand for the following health services, HIV Testing, HIV Self Testing, TB screening, STI screening and management, Family planning, Cancer screening, and regular condom use.
• Providing referrals for HIV testing, HIV Self Testing, TB screening, STI screening and management, Family planning, Cancer screening, and regular condom use.
• Linking those who tested positive for ART initiation and those who tested Negative for PreP initiation.
• Distributing condoms, lubricants and IEC materials to other female sex workers and the hot spots/zones.
• Attend and submit weekly and monthly meetings to Referrals and Linkages Officer and M&E Officer.

Basic Requirements
• Good interpersonal and communication skills.
• Must have non-judgmental, trustworthy and empathetic personality.
• Must be an open member of the LGBTI community or MSM.
• Should be comfortable discussing issues of HIV/AIDS, sexuality, reproductive health as well as sexual orientation and identities.
• Should have the ability to handle a large workload in a professional, timely manner.
• Must have basic computer skills including use of Microsoft applications (Ms. Word, Excel, Outlook).
• Ability and willingness to work flexible hours and days of the week, including weekends.
• Ability to travel as and when required, and to work in challenging environments.

Education and Experience:
• Must have completed a senior high school certificate (i.e. COSC, LGCSE or equivalent)
• Must have a minimum of one (1) year of work experience in HIV prevention and care programs or related work. Prior training as a HTS provider for a KP HIV prevention, care and support program will be an added advantage.

To apply; Submit your Motivation Letter, CV together with your educational Certificates by email to [email protected] on or before Friday the 11th June 2021. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please take a note of basic requirements before applying