The primary role of the operator is the operation of the brewing, packaging and associated process areas of the Newlands

Competence Requirements


National Diploma in relevant studies

Previous experience in a process controlled manufacturing environment, ideally in food FMCG products.

Interpersonal and communication skills with team members, management, customers and brewery visitors

Comfortable with manual operations having to move heavy objects.

Output and Accountabilities

Plant and Process:
Optimise Plant & Process Performance where appropriate

Operate the Brew house Plant and Process

Operate Beverage Fermentation Plant and Process

Operate Beverage Filtration Plant and Process

Operate the Packaging (kegging and bottling) Plant and Process

Performing housekeeping tasks, applying 5s principles and following safe work practices.

Unsafe work practices must be identified and corrected.

Support the creation (drafting and documenting) of standard work procedures (including quick fix routines and problems

Quality control and analysis:
Carry out the required quality checks and analyses, and recording the results on the appropriate information system.

Where quality problems have arisen, apply the appropriate problem solving techniques (e.g. Quick fix routines) to resolve.

Escalate any identified or unresolved problems to Team Leader

Actively participate in meetings and goal reviews.

Utilise the gap list to record issues, problems and improvement opportunities.

Fully understanding the team goals and participating in team goal review sessions.

Making use of relevant communication media (e.g. shift logbook) to stay informed and inform others of issues.

Complete required hand over to incoming shift team members, ensuring the issues relating to plant performance, quality

Complete autonomous maintenance tasks problem-solving activities”

Problem solving:
Respond rapidly to upstream or downstream triggers that could result in out of control process situations.

Apply problem solving techniques (e.g. 5Y, quick fix routines etc.) to identify and correct problems.

Work In Teams:
Develop others in own skills as well as the learning of the skills of other specialist Brewery Technicians.

Be a logical, analytical problem solver who can operate in an unstructured environment.

A team player (prepared to communicate, listen and assist).

Demonstrate Initiative and energy.

Achievement Drive (improvement, do better than standard or what was done previously, be the best).

Be available to work flexible hours (outside of normal office hours and sometimes over the weekends) to meet production.

Additional Information

AB InBev is an equal opportunity employer and all appointments will be made in line with AB InBev employment equity

plan and talent requirements.

The advert has minimum requirements listed. Management reserves the right to use additional/ relevant information as

criteria for short-listing.

Grade: C

Closing Date: 2019-06-18


Newlands Brewery


South Africa


Cape Town

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