Open Call: MicroRoom Design 2020


MicroRoom is a room/furniture design competition with the aim of developing innovative and interactive multi-functional compact furniture for a micro portable house. This house is a future project for a couple of professionals looking for environmentally responsible housing that aims to reduce the area and the energy they consume.

The provided space is too small to fit the needed furniture in the traditional way. Imperatively, the clients need the current bedroom to be flexible to accommodate 2 scenarios.

The first scenario is to have one space 2 m x 3 m bedroom with 2 twin size beds, while the second scenario: (consider the spreading COVID-19 virus), is to divide the 2 m x 3 m room into 2 micro bedrooms with a twin -size bed in each room.

The competition invites designers to create dynamic comfortable furniture that makes maximum use of the space volume in its 3 dimensions and satisfies all the functional needs.

The design challenge:

  • Fitting bedroom furniture in a small room of 2 m (6’-8”) X 3 m (10’).
  • The furniture required includes-2 twin size beds; closets for 2 people; and 2 computer desks/shelves.
  • Allowing the bedroom to be divided into 2 equally sealed rooms when needed, with movable partition/ furniture.
  • Optional: you can choose to design the shelving between the bedroom and living room. Hint: consider having 2 scenarios, see-through shelving, and no see-through shelving as needed.

Submission: Plan with dimensions, and 3D modeling graphic.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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    Open Call: MicroRoom Design 2020

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    Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)

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  • Submission Deadline

    July 23, 2020 12:00 PM

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