Open Call for i’Local Competition: A Competition with a Difference

Open Call for i’Local Competition: A Competition with a Difference

i’Local: A Competition with a Difference

Calling students, researchers, designers, social scientists, media professionals, journalists, artists, architects, urban planners, and others!

Hyderabad Urban Lab Foundation in collaboration with Wipro Foundation announces i’Local (Imagine @ Low-cost Action Lab), a competition for urban rejuvenation inviting applications from young and multi-disciplinary teams!

i’Local supports and nurtures meaningful placemaking efforts through the (re)imagination of city spaces and the values associated with them. It is an opportunity to revitalize sites of neglect, disuse, and disrepair and return them to their communities. It calls for imagining pathways that make the creative use of existing resources, rather than large investments.

Participating teams may choose to work on one or more of the ten predetermined sites scattered across Hyderabad. In part one of the competition, interested participants identify a site, network, and form a team, attend virtual workshops, and generate ideas concluding with an abbreviated submission of their best idea. In part two, the jury selects ten teams to carry forward their idea with dedicated professional mentors for a robust final submission. The selected teams win cash prizes and an opportunity for their idea to be published in an idea’s compendium.

You can find full details of the competition on the i’Local Website:

About Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL)

Hyderabad Urban Lab is an interdisciplinary action research-based not for profit organisation in Hyderabad. Founded in 2013, we are committed to producing knowledge that enables action at many scales- from the neighbourhood to the state. At HUL we understand our work as at once global and local. Careful attention to local specificity helps us build insights across our themes of work- housing, climate change and sustainability, transportation, labour and livelihoods, ecology, waste and sanitation. Some questions that cut across thematics are questions of caste, gender, data, and technology. Throughout our decade of work, we have built three main intersecting nodes through which we currently function- Teaching and Learning ( HUL School), Building Networks of people with passion, knowledge, skills, and a sense of inquisitiveness around various questions and aspects of the urban (Communities of Practice) and Development of Meaningful Interventions, Advocacy and Data Archiving Practices (Observatory).

Contact us at [email protected] for any queries.

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