One Day relationship & Marriage Retreat: Building Healthy relationships



I have been married long enough to know that, I knew nothing of what to expect when I got married. Prior to being married I used to think that being married multiplied one’s happiness. I used to think that I simply had to look for someone who made me happy, and that would be it. Like many, I thought “compatibility” was a nonnegotiable and that, if established, a happily-ever-after was almost a guarantee.

Well, now I know that these were narrow views about what marriage was supposed to be. Finding someone who made me happy isn’t enough to help me deal with the messy life of married persons.  Almost all married people know that, married life is a serious business. It requires unflinching commitment to one’s spouse, which, many can readily testify, is no walk in the park.

Thousands of couples are struggling in their marriages. Maybe you are one of them.  You could write a book titled How to be Married and Miserable. Some of you have been married for five years and others for twenty-five years. You entered marriage with the same high hopes with which most of us said, “I do.”

You never intended to be miserable; in fact you dreamed that in marriage you would be supremely happy. Some of you were happy before you got married and anticipated that marriage would simply enhance your already exciting life. – Gary Chapman in Loving your spouse when you feel like walking away

For, thousands of married couples, it is well established that marriage is something but easy. Many have discovered that married life is messy. Many have had to forgo many unfulfilled and unrealistic expectations. Yet, because having to change in order to ensure that marriage is both healthy and fulfilling is like walking on a very thin ice, some marriages never make it to the shore. This is, in part, because working on any marriage takes patience. Yes, lots of patience, which many of us simply don’t have. At least, that how it all seems.

So in order to ensure that your marriage is both healthy and fulfilling, we will be hosting a Relationship and Marriage Retreat end of November 2021. This is where you can expect to: 1) learn the necessary skills to help you deal confidently with relationship issues; 2) learn to explore and come up with relationship goals together with your partner; 3) discover the many ways with which you can rebuild your relationship; and 4) engage in activities that will help you explore and rebuild your relationship.

See you there. Be there. It’s your turn to make a great relationship happen. Remember, every marriage can be healthy and fulfilling.

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Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.