Onboarding Specialist

Location:  International, Anywhere; 100% RemoteIt’s an exciting time of growth at Paymentology right now and the Onboarding specialist will help us in our quest to continue building and growing our People frameworks so that we can provide our Paymentologists with the best support possible.

We believe that the groundwork for a great work experience begins before a new Paymentologists’ first day and we’ll look to you to help make our onboarding and training programs the best that they can be. With our global team stretching from Latin America all the way to SE Asia, staying connected is imperative for us and you’ll come up with new and creative ways to foster team collaboration and make sure that the Paymentology culture remains strong despite the distance.

You’ll also take charge of all the pieces that go along with these initiatives, such as scheduling onboarding meetings, managing new hire data in our HRIS, plus additional new tasks that pop up along the way.

Although our People team members are spread far apart, we are a tight-knit bunch so we’re looking for someone who brings a great team spirit and a passion for People (a great sense of humour doesn’t hurt, either!

What you get to do:

  • Lead the implementation, optimization and management of Paymentology’s On-boarding process and technology
  • Guide and support our soon-to-be employees from the very early stages of onboarding which includes coordinating their Day 1, making them feel welcome and helping them to ramp up and start making an impact at Paymentology
  • Provide support to various training programs and initiatives (Training for leaders, feedback, etc.)
  • Together with the team, implement initiatives to strengthen our employer branding
  • Manage and keep all of the People team’s information up-to-date in our intranet
  • Provide support for organizing activities to enhance collaboration, personal and professional connection within and across teams
  • Coordinate and optimize our off-boarding process

What it takes to succeed:

  • You’re passionate about the employee experience and a determined individual contributor with prior experience in People teams at Tech companies (bonus points for previous experience with remote teams)
  • You’ve had the opportunity to implement new company-wide frameworks and processes and you bring a strategic mind that looks for ways to make improvements
  • Positive company culture and work environment are deeply important to you and you’re known as a champion of promoting both throughout the company
  • You’re a creative and proactive problem-solver with a mind for process improvement (and the confidence to share your ideas with the team)
  • You’ve worked in ambiguous and quickly-changing companies before and know how to thrive in such an environment
  • You are an excellent communicator in English and can get your ideas and points across whether it’s via Zoom, Slack, on in front of a room full of people
  • Being a lone wolf if not your style; you want to be part of a team and you bring with you a positive mindset, willingness to collaborate, and a passion to learn
  • You’re constantly reading blogs, listening to podcasts or reading a new book to feed your intellectual curiosity and you can’t wait to share your new insights into the team and business
  • You’re organized and you get things done, but you also don’t forget to have fun and laugh along the way

What you can look forward to:

At Paymentology we value making a difference to the lives of the people who work for us and who live in the communities where we operate. As values are important to us, you can look forward to working alongside fellow Paymentologists, who share these values. You’ll be part of a team that is passionate about making a difference on a global scale.

We focus on building strong, diverse teams built from different backgrounds,  experiences & identities.

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